Badminton Australia

Constitution, Annual Reports, Policies & Committees

Below are the most up to date Policies and Procedures relating to the sport of badminton. These documents serve as reference for any party wishing to understand the framework that badminton organisations operate within Australia

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Badminton Australia Committees and Working Groups




Julie McDonald (President), Andrew Greenway, Geraldine Brown, Rayoni Nelson, Kaitlin Mason, Aditi Biswas, Paul Reining

Finance and Risk Committee

Julie McDonald (Chair), Aditi Biswas, Geraldine Brown, Michael Franks (independent), Tjitte Weistra, Anita Barbuto

Governance & Integrity Committee

Rayoni Nelson (Chair), Paul Reining, Kaitlin Mason, Tjitte Weistra

Nominations & Remuneration Committee

Julie McDonald, Paul Reining, Luke van Kempen (independent)

Corporate Strategy Working Group

Paul Reining (Chair), Kaitlin Mason, Tjitte Weistra

High Performance & Para Strategy Committee

Geraldine Brown (Chair), Julie McDonald, Andrew Greenway, Aditi Biswas, Brent Miller, Leanne Choo, Clare Walker, Tjitte Weistra

Coaching Committee

Andrew Greenway, Julie McDonald, Aditi Biswas, Clare Walker, Tjitte Weistra

Selection Panel (Able Bodied)

Rob Middleton (Independent Chair), Leanne Choo, Brent Miller, Vountus Saniru, Ben Walklate (independent), Alice Wu (independent)

Para Selection Committee

Stephen Hadlow (independent), Ian Bridge, Clare Walker

Badminton Australia Technical Officials Committee (BATOC)

Sandra David (Chair), Peter Cocker, Tristan Clow, Robert Brockman, Kelly Hoare