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2022 Falcons Development Program

Badminton Australia recognises the importance of developing young players to creating the High Performance athletes of the future, and to create a great High Performance Environment in Australia

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The athletes who are part of the Australian Development Program have been identified as some of the best young talent in Australia. Although young in their journey to become fully fledged Falcons, they have shown strength, determination, speed, agility and the skills that can make them stand out. 

These athletes are part of the Australian Badminton Falcons and will be the face of Australia internationally at tournaments including the BWF World Junior Championships

Click here for more information on the Badminton Australia  High Performance Pathway and System

All Falcons athletes are categorised according to either the AIS categorisation. Please click the High Performance pathway link above to see what each categorisation level signifies.

Asher Ooi, Sydney Jets Badminton, NSW (AIS Emerging)

Bernice Teoh, An-Yu Badminton Academy, Western Australia (AIS Developing)

Bethany Li, GWBC, Victoria (AIS Emerging)

Carina Sam, Dash Badminton Club, NSW (AIS Emerging)

Catrina Tan, PAOC, South Australia (AIS Emerging)

Chauncey Yu, Pro Badminton Academy, Victoria (AIS Emerging)

Dania Nugroho, PAOC, South Australia (AIS Emerging)

Dion Binod, Sams Badminton, QLD

Ephraim Stephen Sam, Sams Badminton, QLD

Faye Huo, NBC, NSW

Frederick Zhao, Pro Badminton Academy, Victoria (AIS Emerging)

Isabella Yan, NBC, NSW (AIS Emerging)

Jayden Lim,  Pro Badminton Academy, Victoria (AIS Emerging)

Jazmine Lam, Pro Badminton Academy, Victoria (AIS Emerging)

Jie Ying Chan, Alpha Badminton, NSW (AIS Emerging)

Joanne Zheng, An-Yu Badminton Academy, Western Australia (AIS Emerging)

Julian Lee, An-Yu Badminton Academy, Western Australia (AIS Emerging)

Kayson Goh, Pro Badminton Academy, Victoria (AIS Emerging)

Ken Richardson, Varsity Lakes Badminton Club, QLD (AIS Emerging)

Majan Almazan, NBC, NSW (AIS Emerging)

Maureen Wijaya, NBC, NSW (AIS Emerging)

Mimi Ngo, WA

Om Neelam, Play Badminton, VIC

Otto Zhao, HP Badminton, Victoria (AIS Developing)

Priska Kustiadi, NBCNSW (AIS Emerging)

Ricky Tang, Dash Badminton Club, NSW (AIS Developing)

Rio Agustino, NBC, NSW (AIS Developing)

Roshan Joesph Biju, SKM, WA

Shrey Dhand, Play Badminton Club, Victoria (AIS Emerging)

Sydney Go, HP Badminton, Victoria (AIS Emerging)

Sydney Tjonadi, Alpha Badminton, NSW (AIS Emerging)

Thomas Ng, Western Suburbs Badminton Association, Victoria (AIS Emerging)

Timothy Sentosa, An-Yu Badminton Academy, Western Australia (AIS Emerging)

Victoria Tjonadi, Alpha Badminton, NSW

Yee Yuan Lim, Infinity Badminton Club, Victoria (AIS Emerging)

Yuelin Zhang, Pro Badminton Academy, Victoria (AIS Emerging)