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Coaching badminton is a great way to be involved or continue to be involved in the sport in a different way. Coaching in Australia requires you to attain an approved qualification and be registered with Badminton Australia.

Coaching Qualifications in Australia follow the Badminton World Federation structure. Australia has an additional ‘Foundation Coach Course’ available those wishing to go on the coaching pathway.

This diagram shows the coaching structure in Australia


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Badminton Australia, together with the State & Territory Badminton Organisations will be offering a new ‘Foundation Coach Course Qualification’. 

This Course includes a 4-6 hour online coaching course, workbook preparation, 8 hour face to face session.

This new course will be available in the first half of 2020.

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The Badminton World Federation (BWF) are the leading body in the sport of badminton globally. BWF over the past decade has continued to refine and improve the education and materials that it provides to coaches. Australia has adopted the BWF coaching pathway because it is the leading coach education system. Below are the levels of BWF qualification delivered and recognised in Australia.

Shuttle Time – This one-day course is the entry point for many coaches, Shuttle Time is the coaching qualification focused on growing and developing a love of badminton. The Shuttle Time course combines movement, play and fun across 22 different lesson plans. The perfect starting point for any coach to learn how to coach participants in loving the game of badminton and making it a ‘game for life’

BWF 1 – The course that has it all! BWF 1 teaches you what to coach, how to coach and how to plan for success. The BWF 1 course runs over four days and is a step up from Shuttle Time, it is recommended that before undertaking this course you complete a Shuttle Time course to ensure that you have the appropriate knowledge base.

BWF 2 – The advanced course that focuses a coach on developing training programs for one year or more. A BWF 2 qualification is considered as a very high-level qualification within Australia, coaches with this qualification will likely be coaching internationally and/or handling national coaching and development duties.

BWF 3 – A course for those wishing to coach high-level youth athletes and/or elite players, the best of the best. The BWF 3 course is one that focuses on coaching systems (TID and development), youth development models and Elite coaching. This qualification is a specialist qualification and can only be attained

BWF Coach Educator Course – A course that is designed to ‘train the trainers’ and continue to support the growth and development of the coaching pool. It is recommended that coaches undertaking this specialisation have extensive prior experience in coaching and working with other coaches.

BWF Fast Track – Retired players may be eligible for special consideration for the BWF Fast Track course designed to help transition international players from playing to coaching.

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In order to coach within Australia, it is highly recommended to attain Badminton Australia Coaching Registration as it ensures that you have passed all of the required training and education to meet industry standards that is relevant to the Australian badminton landscape. Simply completing a badminton qualification is not enough, the Australian coaching system requires the completion of further education and continued professional development in order to remain relevant as a coach. Once a coach has completed these requirements, they can apply to become a registered badminton coach in Australia.

The Badminton Australia Coach Accreditation allows you as a coach to be safe in the knowledge that you are up to date with the Australia regulations when it comes to working within sport. It is also a stamp of recognition for parents and players to know that the coach they will be engaging with is someone they can trust as an expert in badminton. Built into the Badminton Australia Coaching Accreditation system are child safety requirements, safe sport and inclusive sport education, anti-doping education and general coaching principles.

If you wish to become accredited or re-accredit please download the relevant forms below, complete the applicant information, get in touch with your state/territory association to sign off and send the forms to Badminton Australia.

Coach Accreditation Form

Once you have gained a qualification as a coach, you are will need to become registered with Badminton Australia this registration will be done annually commencing in early 2021. Your Badminton Australia Coach Registration will detail the expiry date.

You need to be coaching and complete Continuing Professional Development (CPD) points by taking part in general and specific coaching courses and updates, attending coach education conferences or undertaking teacher training.

As a minimum you need to undertake at least 10 hours of coaching per year plus at least 20 CPD points.

To stay registeted you need the following:

Stage 1:

  • Take a Badminton Australia approved coaching course
  • Register for your Coaching Registration with Badminton Australia when you successfully complete the coaching course – if that has not been included in your coaching course program.
  • This registers you as a coach, at the level of the course that you have passed each year.

Stage 2:

  • You need to keep up-to-date – that is to you need to prove that you are coaching and that you have undertaken professional coaching training or relevant education each year
  • The number of coaching hours and the amount or type of education/training depends on the level at which you have qualified.

Hours of coaching need to be verified by the head coach or board member, such as the president, of your club.

Below are two tables that outline; a. your practical hours per year required and minimum professional development points you must accrue, b. a list of example professional development activities that will give you points. Be aware that this list is not exhaustive and if you have other training that you have undertaken and believe it constitutes recognition please get in touch so that Badminton Australia can assess your application and activity.

Level of Qualification

Hours of Practical Coach p/ Year

CPD Points Required each year

Shuttle Time



BA 1



BWF 1/ BA 1A



BWF 2/ BA 2



BWF 3/ BA 3



Continued Professional Development ActivityPoints Allocated
Attain next level of badminton coaching qualification20
Present BWF level 1 course15
Present or assess at a Badminton Australia coaching workshop15
Present or assess at a Badminton Australia coaching course, including Shuttle Time15
Complete Shuttle Time Tutor course15
Complete a sport related tertiary degree or equivalent (e.g. Diploma Sports Coaching)10
Complete Shuttle Time Teacher course10
Attend a Badminton Australia conference, seminar or workshop10
Selection to coach a state/territory team10
Complete an approved First Aid course5
Attend/Complete ASC online courses (e.g Coaching Principles, Play by the Rules)5
Attend/Complete a course delivered by State/Territory Department of Sport and Recreation or equivalent5
Attend/Complete a Badminton Australia approved State/Territory Coaching Workshop5

Badminton Australia want to ensure that its coaches can keep their experience sufficient and current, to have an accredited and knowledgeable coaching network. However, we also recognise that from-time-to-time, that coaches may take a break from the sport. We value and respect your experience. If you have taken a break from coaching but would like to get back involved as a coach please contact BA at to find out more.

Coach Re-Registration Form