Badminton Australia

Child Development

Badminton is a great sport for your child’s development and their fundamental movement skills.

Badminton develops balance, hand eye co-ordination strength, flexibility, running and fine motor skills that help children learn at school. 

Badminton is also great for development of children’s socialisation skills including working together, sharing, team work, patience and achieving together. As recently as 2020 studies have shown that badminton is a great way to develop fundamental motor skills in young children

Badminton is not only great for the development of your child’s physical literacy but it is fantastic for their physical and mental wellbeing. Being out on the court, socialising and running at speed gives a welcome energy outlet for parents and kids! There are further direct benefits of badminton, being able to be confident in how to move sets up children for a healthy life and a great foundation for other physical activities. 

Most importantly Badminton is fun! The speed that a shuttle moves off a racquet is exciting, but it’s design naturally slows the speed of the shuttle as it moves forward over the net. The change of pace means that hitting a shuttle can be easier for children who are developing their hand eye-coordination when compared to an object that moves at a faster speed.

Find your nearest badminton centre to get your child started in Badminton today by clicking here and help give them a head start on developing their fundamental movement and physical literacy!