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Badminton & Child Development

Childhood is a crucial period for the development of our physical, mental and social capabilities. Physical activity plays a crucial role in this development and therefore it is important that we assess our children’s current activity levels, understand the benefits of additional activity and then act on these findings. Badminton provides an opportunity for your child to get out, get active and develop physically, mentally and socially.

Badminton can help your child meet the recommended 60 minutes of physical activity each day

Badminton is a great out of school activity to help with health and wellbeing

Badminton is great for developing your child’s fine motor skills – like holding a pencil.

Badminton gives your child confidence, helps them make friends and develop patience

Badminton supports your child’s growth

Physical Development

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Playing Badminton in combination with a healthy diet can help with weight management. Studies show that children who participate in Badminton are more likely to enter adulthood within a healthy weight range.

Badminton can help with bone density and decrease the risk of osteoporosis later in life.

Badminton improves balance and coordination. Children who regularly participate in Badminton, can decrease their risk of injury due to a loss of balance by up to 64%

Mental Development


Studies show that participation in Badminton can lead to a 91% improvement in children’s attention, focus and memory recall.

A child’s problem solving and resilience can be improved by participating in Badminton as they are exposed to the unpredictability of competition.

91% of Children who increased their activity participation over a 6 week period were shown to improve their ability to moderate their emotions.

Social Development


By playing Badminton with others, children can learn to work as a team and develop their leadership skills.

Badminton can improve a child’s ability to follow rules and understand positions of authority through relationships with umpires, coaches and officials.

Research shows that 93% of children who participate in regular physical activity such as Badminton show an improvement in confidence and self-esteem after only 6 weeks.


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