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Clubs & Associations

Clubs & Associations are the backbone of badminton across Australia. By providing a place for people of all abilities to engage and experience badminton they are the heartbeat and are such a critical environment. 

Affiliated badminton clubs are registered as members with their State/Territory Badminton Organisation. and are recognised as being safe, fun and engaging environments for players, helping them build the foundation and fundamental skills, movements and tactics key for success in badminton.

To find a place for you to play you can head to our “Where to play badminton page” or head to your state/territory association to find out more about badminton within your state.

As part of the Badminton Australia High Performance Pathway, Clubs & Associations play a crucial role in the process and movement of young players into competitive badminton and up the pathway. You can read more about the High-Performance Pathway here.

Club Information

The running of a club can be challenging or even intimidating at times, thankfully Sport Australia, Australia’s governing sports body, has developed a series of resources for clubs, both current and prospective, to access for free to guide them towards success, check out the links below

Club Game Plan –

Governance –

Culture and Leadership –

Club Membership –

Clubs are the lifeblood of sport in Australia and badminton is no different. With close to 300 clubs currently operating regular training, building competitive teams or providing a place for social play, clubs offer great opportunities for badminton to grow. Badminton Australia strongly encourages new participants to get involved with clubs that are affiliated with their state/territory associations.

Click on the image below to find the State and Territory organisations where clubs can affiliate.