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Badminton National Strategic Plan 2021-2024

A sport for life for anyone, anywhere, anytime

The development and implementation of the Badminton National Strategic Plan for 2021-2024 for Australia is a collaborative effort between Badminton Australia and the State and Territory badminton organisations

Over 700 submissions and survey results were received and compiled to develop the plan during 2020/2021. This plan will shape the development of badminton in Australia into the future provides a horizon for the next 12 years to 2032. With a rapidly changing landscape, accelerated by the impact of COVID-19 the charting of the direction of badminton in Australia is a key outcome of the plan. The plan has been developed to:

– Ensure Badminton is a sport for life for anyone, anywhere, anytime

– Provide vision and purpose for Australian Badminton

– Identify the RALLYing values of Badminton – Real collaboration, Achieving as a team, Leadership, Lots of Fun and Yes to inclusion

– Set the sports BASEline for growth – Build the community, Always high performing, Support capacity & capability and Elevate business & profile

– Engage and ensure collaboration between clubs, states and territory badminton organisations

– Enhance and continuously improve the capability of able bodied & para athletes, coaches, officials and events to drive a successful high-performance system

– Engage with partners and the badminton community to work together to provide support and resources to build capability and capacity 

– Build the financial sustainability of badminton through a clear promotional and commercial strategy to build resilience and success

Please enjoy reading the information below and we look forward to you being part of the growth of badminton into the future.

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