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Badminton Australia has a new High Performance system to develop the athlete and para athlete stars of tomorrow.

The High-Performance Pathway (HPP) provides the framework for athletes and coaches to develop the skills and knowledge to represent Australia at an international level including BWF World Tour Events, Commonwealth Games and Olympic Games. 

The HPP connects athletes and coaches from the Foundational level of the sport through to the Podium. The HPP is an athlete centred coach led system that aims to build a sustainable high-performance system that enables athletes to succeed on the world stage.

Critical to the success of the HPP, and a unique aspect to Badminton’s new HPP, is the new Performance Pathway Partners program (PPP) that will be piloted in 2021. The PPP sees Badminton Australia team up with key clubs, schools and associations to support the development of athletes (and their coaches) with potential for competing on the world stage. In supporting athletes Daily Training Environment, working with key BA High Performance staff on athlete development plans and ongoing professional development for PPP coaches, the PPP will contribute to the progress and improvement of badminton on the world stage.

Directing and supporting the implementation of the HPP and PPP programs are a number of key staff. All reporting through to the CEO. These staff are responsible for high-performance plans & tasks including building Individual Performance Plans (IPP), liaising with PPP coaches, working with the AIS and other Institutes of sport across the country, coaching, professional development and much more.

Funding for High Performance for badminton comes from the Australian Institute of Sport. For 2021/2022 and 2022/2023 all funding is focused received is “Performance Pathway Funding” with a focus on AIS Categorised Emerging and Developing athletes for the 2028 and 2032 Olympic years.

For the Badminton Australia policy and criteria on AIS athlete categorisation please click here. 

To find out more about the individual steps of the HPP click below.

The Badminton Australia national programs for Junior, Open and Para consist of players who have been identified as having the level and/or potential to achieve the objectives set out by Badminton Australia as part of the High-Performance Strategic Plan. Junior, Open and Para squads receive support from Badminton Australia, Sport Australia, the Australian Institute of Sport, Paralympics Australia and Commonwealth Games Australia. Training camps, specialised coaching, physical performance development, sports science and financial support are provided. You can find further detail on each of the sections below

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Athletes are selected for Australian teams for athletes part of the National, Senior, Para and Development Programs. For more information click on the green boxes above.