Unveiling a Masterpiece: First Nations Artwork Celebrates Unity and Belonging within the Australian Badminton Community

In celebration of unity and diversity, Badminton Australia is proud to unveil the new Indigenous artwork that captures the essence of the nation’s badminton community. The design has been incorporated in new staff uniforms, and polo tops for our National Falcons players.

The artwork was created by proud Gunditjmara and Tiwi Islander, Kiewa Austin-Rioli, a talented young artist who designed this distinctive masterpiece as testament to the strength, support, and togetherness that defines the sport of badminton in Australia.

This stunning artwork features eight circles, each representing the unique communities of people from all the states and territories across Australia. These circles serve as symbolic meeting places, where the badminton community finds solace, pride, and unwavering support. The intricate crosshatching within the circles symbolises the unity and resilience that binds players, coaches, volunteers, and supporters together, forming the backbone of Australian badminton.

Within this captivating artwork, dots adorn the outer layer of the circles, paying tribute to the ancestors whose contributions have shaped the sport. These dots represent the support received from those who came before, emphasising the deep roots and history of the badminton community.

Underneath these symbolic circles, a unique tapestry of lines, dots, and crosshatching emerges, showcasing Kiewa’s rich cultural heritage. These patterns embody the core values of strength, support, and togetherness, whilst highlighting the movement and agility synonymous with the game of badminton.

At the heart of the artwork, a majestic Falcon takes flight, symbolising the pinnacle of achievement and high-performance aspects of the sport. Just as the Falcon soars to great heights, the badminton community showcases its tenacity, representing Australia with power, grace, and pride on the global stage.

Badminton Australia CEO Tjitte (TJ) Weistra expressed his admiration for the artwork as the design beautifully captures the spirit of the Australian badminton community.

“It is a visual representation of the values we hold dear – unity, diversity, and the unwavering support we provide to one another,” he said.

“We are immensely grateful to Kiewa for bringing our shared passion to life in such a magnificent way.”

Providing inclusive, safe places for anyone, anywhere, anytime is a passion for Badminton Australia General Manager Participation and Para Clare Walker.

“Sports encourage social interaction and teamwork,” she said.

“By participating in sports, individuals from diverse backgrounds come together, learn to work as a team, and build friendships. This interaction helps in breaking down barriers and fostering a sense of community.”