Badminton Australia Strategic Plan Released

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National Strategic Plan launched for 2021-2024


Together with the Badminton State and Territory organisations Badminton Australia launches the new National Badminton Strategic Plan for 2021 – 2024. This new plan is the culmination of work during 2020/2021 to set the course for the growth for badminton in Australia over the coming years

The plan will shape the development of badminton in Australia over into the future provides a horizon over the next 12 years to 2032.

With a rapidly changing landscape, accelerated by the impact of Covid-19, the charting of the direction of badminton in Australia is key outcome of the plan.

Badminton Australia President Andrew Greenway said – “This plan builds on the growth of Badminton over the past few years and charts a path for Badminton’s ongoing success into the future. We are proud that this plan was developed together with the Badminton community and excited about the future”.

The plan has been developed for the Badminton community to:

Provide vision and direction

Identify the RALLYing values of badminton – Real collaboration, Achieving as a team, Leadership, Lots of Fun and Yes to inclusion

Set the sports BASEline for growth – Build the community, Always high performing, Support capacity & capability and Elevate business & profile

Guide the future growth and capacity of badminton

Encourage co-ordination co-operation and capacity of badminton

Ensure badminton’s sustainability for the future in ever changing and developing world can be maximised

Chief Executive Officer Jamie Parsons said – “It is an exciting time for Badminton into the future, the development of this plan is a great example of how the entire badminton community can work together to succeed into the future”.

“Together with the State and Territory Badminton organisations we were able to gain input through the completion of over 700 submissions and survey responses that helped to develop the plan – this has been a true badminton community collective effort”.

“It is important that as we turn the strategy into operational planning that the plan is governed and measured on a regular basis to ensure our whole sport can be on a path together to achieve the vision for Badminton in Australia as A sport for Life for Anyone, Anywhere, Anytime”.

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