Badminton Australia Celebrates World Badminton Day!

Badminton Australia is thrilled to celebrate the second annual World Badminton Day on July 5 2023.

The aim for the day is to celebrate, promote and spread awareness about all things badminton.

“It’s better than Christmas in July,” says Badminton Australia CEO Tjitte Weistra (TJ).

“It’s bound to be a fantastic day on the badminton court. We have the 2023 YONEX U19 CP Maddern Trophy Finals being contested in Adelaide, in addition to the U19 National Individual Championships commencing.

“These tournaments showcase some of the best up and coming players from across Australia.

“We wouldn’t want to be anywhere else on such an iconic day.”

World Badminton Day is held on July 5 to honour the founding date of the Badminton World Federation, the international governing body of the sport, that was created 88 years ago in 1934.

“Badminton is a sport for anyone, anywhere at anytime,” TJ said.

“Even if you’ve never played badminton before, we encourage you to pick up a racquet and have a go.”

From Adelaide to Kuala Lumpur, badminton events will be taking place all around the world.

Anyone from badminton players, coaches, students, schools, clubs, colleges and universities, fans, and many others will be participating.

The BWF has created a list of ways to celebrate World Badminton Day:

Some ideas of badminton events to celebrate World Badminton Day may include:
• Shuttle Time Courses or Competitions
• Come and Try Events
• AirBadminton Activations
• Fun Competitions
• Free Badminton Lessons
• Exhibitions
• Badminton Festivals
• Coaching Courses
• Inclusive Badminton
• World Record Attempts
• Community Events

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For further enquiries please contact Badminton Australia Event and Communications Manager Anthony Pinda at or on 0417 378 993.