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General information for clubs, associations and other organisations interested in implementing Badminton Australia’s National Participation Program

Badminton Australia is excited that Sport Australia has provided funding for the development and implementation of a fun and exciting new badminton program for 5-12 year olds. The program will focus on developing movement skills, physical literacy and giving children the ability to lead an active life! 

We are looking for affiliated clubs, associations and any other interested organisations (YMCA’s, Council Recreation Centres, PCYC’s etc) who can offer and run this program to their communities. Read on below for more information

A program for every ability that is focused on developing a love of physical movement, building physical literacy and having a great time while doing it! The program will build positive relationships with physical movement for participants that will last a lifetime using the sport of badminton!

The program is designed for children all abilities between the ages of 5 and 12 with different lesson plans focused around skill level rather than age. 

The program is designed to be run anywhere, anytime with anyone! There are some essentials that you will need to consider when planning

  • A Space to undertake the sessions, this could be indoors, outdoors, by the beach or in a park! Just make sure you have enough space for a group of 12 adults (15 children) to stand arms width apart from each other
  • A trained Leader to run the sessions, a Leader can be anyone; a parent, a badminton fanatic or someone who just loves working with children! Their responsibility will be to coordinate the sessions for the participants. Badminton Australia is currently developing the Leader training materials
  • An Equipment pack full of all the necessary equipment for your sessions. These can be purchased through the online operators portal (In Production) where you can also purchase additional equipment and merchandise from

It’s important to see the program as two sections;

  1. Clubs/Facility/Centre’s are encouraged to run these to generate interest and build a participation base. The base may generate additional revenue that can subsidise other programs or generate a profit. Encouraging more participants (particularly young children) will likely flow into regular participation and increases in membership by both juniors and older players. Parents may be inspired to take up the sport after watching their children have such a great time!

  2. Some areas of the community are not afforded equal access to sports, the ShuttleFun program should be accessible to anyone no matter their circumstances. Engaging with specific participant groups such as CaLD, All Abilities etc. can prove both rewarding and beneficial to the community. BA has subsidies for programs that are looking to engage with target groups. These subsidies will cover the cost of providing a Leader to deliver the program and also to cover the cost of equipment required to run a program for a target group

Badminton Australia has incorporated a subsidy program for target groups. Operators need to apply for a subsidy that may cover the cost of equipment, the cost of a coach or in some instances both.

Target groups that operators may apply for subsidies are; Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islanders, All Abilities (Physical and Intellectual Disabilities) Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CaLD), Deaf, Low Socio-Economic, Regional and Rural, and Women & Girls

EASY! Just head to the form below, fill out the details and someone will be in touch with you ASAP


Badminton Australia is currently working on recommended costs for the program.