National Junior Squads Announced for 2020

Badminton Australia is pleased to announce our National Junior Squads for 2020.


Rio Agustino (NSW)                         Julian Lee (WA)                                 Gavin Ong (SA)

Ryan Venpin (VIC)                           Majan Almazan (NSW)                   Kaitlyn Ea (VIC)

Angie Liu (NSW)                               Bernice Teoh (WA)                          Angela Yu (QLD)


Kayson Goh (VIC)                             Asher Ooi (NSW)                              Timothy Sentosa (WA)

Ricky Tang (NSW)                             Jack Yu (QLD)                                     Otto Zhao (VIC)

Sydney Go (VIC)                                Priska Kustiadi (NSW)                     Dania Nugroho (SA)

Carina Sam (NSW)                           Joanne Zheng (WA)


Shrey Dhand (VIC)                           Jazmine Lam (VIC)                           Yee-Yuan Lim (VIC)

Catrina Tan (SA)                                Sydney Tjonadi (NSW)

Badminton Australia would like to congratulate all junior players who have been selected to be part of the 2020 Junior High-Performance Program (JHP). Our Junior High-Performance Program aims to identify, support and develop the most talented young badminton players in Australia by offering a range of training and competition opportunities. Our JHP players will also have access to high quality coaching and sports science support to aid their physical development.

To read more about the structure of our Junior High Performance Program, its selection criteria and the expectations of our players please refer to the Junior High Performance 2020 Program and Player Contract, as well as the Junior High Performance Strategic Plan 2019-2022.


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