Down The Line With Shevaun Moody

Badminton Australia was able to catch up with BWF Line Judge Shevaun Moody who can now add Olympic technical official to her already impressive resume at the international level. We wanted to learn more about Shevaun’s experience and her thoughts on the Tokyo adventure.

BA: Shevaun, congratulations, it must have been such an experience at your first Olympics yes?

SM: Yes, first Olympics, and first time to Japan, all very exciting!

BA: How fantastic! Had you always had the Olympics in mind?

SM: Yes, the Olympics has always been a bucket list event for me to officiate at. It’s a really proud moment to be a part of putting the games on, not only because these Olympics have been so unique, but also an Olympics with such anticipation. It was nerve racking, exciting, tiring and just exhilarating to take a seat on a line at the Olympic games, just wow!

BA: We can only imagine but it sounds inspiring. Were there aspects of the games that stood out to you during the Olympics?

SM: I was just in absolute awe of the organisation and the size of the organisation behind the games. The sheer number of volunteers that were involved to keep the Technical Officials feeling safe and welcome. I remember a ‘knowing’ of lots of smiling faces throughout the event, obviously I wasn’t able to see them behind the masks, but when you look at someone smiling you know, and there was just so much of that.

BA: Now aside from the exterior stuff, how was it actually being on the line, judging at the highest level with the best athletes on court and the best Technical Officials?

SM: I got to judge the most amazing games! I was so lucky to be able to be there, witnessing so much emotion from the best players in the world, fighting for excellence of themselves for their countries, just so great! The Technical Officials were all fantastic, I worked with a very professional team of line judges, who didn’t speak a lot of English, but they did not leave anyone behind, we went on court and worked as a team. I was really proud of the job we did and had such fun doing it.

BA: And now that you’re back with plenty of time in quarantine, have you have you reflected about your own Line Judging journey?

SM: I’ve always been aware of my journey but it is great to reflect particularly after such big events. I started in 2004 and have now just ticked over my 5th year on the BWF line judging team so that’s pretty special.

BA: Were there any people who influenced you in particular?

SM: I’ve had so many fantastic and influential people in my Line Judge career, Ian Williamson was the first people to really encourage me to pursue Line Judging. He walked me through everything, showing me the ropes, explaining all the opportunities out there for Line Judges. For the aspiring or those working their way up, every tournament you go to, be aware of how other TO’s conduct themselves on and off the court, I find that very valuable still now.

BA: Very, very good advice! Now although travel internationally is a challenge at the minute is there anything on the cards for you, any plans or goals in the near future?

SM: I’m not totally sure what tournaments await me BUT maybe the world championships in Spain next year, but who knows right now, I’d still have to get the time off work! For me I’ll be coming back to work and am happy guiding and encouraging other line judges in Queensland, particularly because of the home games for 2032!

BA: Too right, what a way for Australia to have kicked off our Olympic campaign, there will be plenty of people eyeing off that 2032 date! Was there anything else you wanted to drop in before we let you go?

SM: Just a huge congratulations to our Australian Olympians, and the Olympians for badminton across the globe, it was an honour to watch them perform to the best of their abilities.

BA: On that perfect note we’ll leave it there, thank you so much for taking the time to speak with us and we cannot wait to see you in action again soon!



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