Strong outcomes on court at Alice Springs State Camp

A State Camp delivered in Alice Springs by Geelong Badminton Academy Head Coach Naman Bhardwaj has been met with great praise.

The two-day program, which focused on both singles and doubles play, included 13 junior badminton players who came together to enhance their skills, techniques, tactics, and strategies within an environment focused on developing a sense of camaraderie and competition.

On day one the players started with intense practice sessions specifically designed to enhance their singles techniques, tactics, and strategies.

“The day comprised four sessions, which included a combination of on-court and off-court drills, skill-building exercises, and movement training. The aim was to reinforce the learning objectives and provide practical applications in a match-like scenario,” Bhardwaj said.

“To conclude the day, a round-robin tournament was organised, where the players demonstrated their newfound skills and applied all that was learned during the training sessions.”

The primary focus for day two was doubles, with players taking part in both on and off court drills, skill development exercises and movement training.

“Our focus was on improving the athletes’ coordination and teamwork,” Bhardwaj said.

“The day concluded with another tournament-like doubles match, allowing the players to implement the knowledge gained during the training sessions and reinforce their understanding of doubles play.”

Another benefit for the participants was being able to view video analysis which featured Badminton Australia’s Falcon players and showcased the level of skill and performance that can be achieved with dedication and hard work.

“By highlighting the achievements of elite players, we aimed to motivate the State Camp players to set high goals and continue their efforts to excel in badminton,” Bhardwaj said.

Looking ahead to the future, Bhardwaj said there were plans to host future camps across the territory.

“The players, parents, and the management of the Northern Territory Badminton Association expressed their utmost satisfaction with the camp,” he said.

“The participants showcased significant improvement in their skills, demonstrated a better understanding of game strategies, and developed stronger teamwork and sportsmanship.

“The positive feedback and requests for future sessions indicates a strong desire among the players and their support networks to continue these camps on a regular basis.

“These camps have the potential to shape the next generation of competitive players and contribute to the overall advance Australian badminton.”