Unveiling a Masterpiece: First Nations Artwork Celebrates Unity and Belonging within the Australian Badminton Community

In celebration of unity and diversity, Badminton Australia is proud to unveil the new Indigenous artwork that captures the essence of the nation’s badminton community. The design has been incorporated in new staff uniforms, and polo tops for our National Falcons players.

The artwork was created by proud Gunditjmara and Tiwi Islander, Kiewa Austin-Rioli, a talented young artist who designed this distinctive masterpiece as testament to the strength, support, and togetherness that defines the sport of badminton in Australia.

This stunning artwork features eight circles, each representing the unique communities of people from all the states and territories across Australia. These circles serve as symbolic meeting places, where the badminton community finds solace, pride, and unwavering support. The intricate crosshatching within the circles symbolises the unity and resilience that binds players, coaches, volunteers, and supporters together, forming the backbone of Australian badminton.

Within this captivating artwork, dots adorn the outer layer of the circles, paying tribute to the ancestors whose contributions have shaped the sport. These dots represent the support received from those who came before, emphasising the deep roots and history of the badminton community.

Underneath these symbolic circles, a unique tapestry of lines, dots, and crosshatching emerges, showcasing Kiewa’s rich cultural heritage. These patterns embody the core values of strength, support, and togetherness, whilst highlighting the movement and agility synonymous with the game of badminton.

At the heart of the artwork, a majestic Falcon takes flight, symbolising the pinnacle of achievement and high-performance aspects of the sport. Just as the Falcon soars to great heights, the badminton community showcases its tenacity, representing Australia with power, grace, and pride on the global stage.

Badminton Australia CEO Tjitte (TJ) Weistra expressed his admiration for the artwork as the design beautifully captures the spirit of the Australian badminton community.

“It is a visual representation of the values we hold dear – unity, diversity, and the unwavering support we provide to one another,” he said.

“We are immensely grateful to Kiewa for bringing our shared passion to life in such a magnificent way.”

Providing inclusive, safe places for anyone, anywhere, anytime is a passion for Badminton Australia General Manager Participation and Para Clare Walker.

“Sports encourage social interaction and teamwork,” she said.

“By participating in sports, individuals from diverse backgrounds come together, learn to work as a team, and build friendships. This interaction helps in breaking down barriers and fostering a sense of community.”

TotalEnergies BWF Thomas and Uber Cup Finals 2024: Day 5

What an incredible week on court for the Falcons in Chengdu, China at the TotalEnergies BWF Thomas and Uber Cup Finals 2024!
To cap off the week, our Uber Cup Team went up against Malaysia for their last tie of Group Stage (B).

The highlight of the day was Setyana Mapasa/Angela Yu defeating Pei Kee Go/Mei Xing Teoh (21-15, 21-17) to secure their second match victory of the tournament.

Malaysia was too strong in the other matches and took out the tie 4-1 over Australia.

Gronya Somerville/Kaitlyn EA were defeated 12-21, 21-13, 10-21 by Lo Ee Ho/Zhing Yi Tan.

Tiffany Ho was up against Jin Wei Goh but went down fighting 6-21, 12-21.

Junior Falcons Isabella Yan went up against Siti Zuluaikha (10-21,10-21) and Sydney Tjonadi took on Ling Ching Wong (16-21, 3-21).

Hear from National Head Coach Leanne Choo:

“What an incredible tie against Malaysia.

“Setyana and Angela showed great form all tournament and their win today is testament to the strength of their partnership.

“Their win early on in the tie really boosted the team’s confidence for the remaining matches and we then came close to another win from Gronya and Kaitlyn, but unfortunately Malaysia was just too strong.

“Overall, the entire tournament has given me an insight into the events that we need to focus on, and the players have now seen where they need to be to compete against the world’s best.

“It really has been an eye-opening experience in Chengdu and now we all can’t wait to head home to compete at the YONEX Australian National Championships in Bendigo.”

Full Results: https://bit.ly/3w8Zk4D

Watch all the action live via BWF TV: https://youtube.com/@bwftv?si=OJvcjnQg60gnAzhh

📸 @Badmintonphoto (Tan En En and Mark Chiu Wo)

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TotalEnergies BWF Thomas and Uber Cup Finals: Day 4

What a performance from Falcons Jacob Schueler and Jack Yu who locked in victories this afternoon during Australia’s tie against Canada at the TotalEnergies Thomas and Uber Cup Finals 2024!

Jacob secured his win against Canada’s Imran Wadia after taking out the first 21-15, he then went down in the second 16-21, but bounced back 21-16 during the third to seal the victory.

Jack Yu had a challenging contest against Canada’s Joshua Nguyen after losing the first 17-21, but then dug deep to close out the match 21-11, 21-19.

The day began with Brian Yang defeating Ricky Tang 21-16, 21-8, followed by wins to Jacob and Jack, and then a victory back to Canada in the Doubles with Victor Lai/Nyl Yakura defeating Huaidong Tang/Rayne Wang 21-16, 21-19.

With Australia and Canada locked at two-all, the tie came down to the Doubles decider between Kenneth Choo/Jack Yu against Kevin Lee/Ty Alexander Lindeman, however, it wasn’t to be as the Canadians closed out the day 21-16, 21-19 to defeat Australia 3-2.

Hear from National Head Coach Leanne Choo on the matches:

“What a fantastic effort from the boys.

“We knew it was going to be a very competitive tie against Canada.

“What’s most pleasing was watching Jack and Jacob close out their Singles matches after both going into the third game.”

Meanwhile, after yesterday’s tie against Chinese Taipei, our Uber Cup Team had today off to prepare for their Group Stage (B) tie against Malaysia on tomorrow at 11.30am (AEST).

Full Results: https://bit.ly/3w8Zk4D

Watch all the action live via BWF TV: https://youtube.com/@bwftv?si=OJvcjnQg60gnAzhh

📸 Badmintonphoto (Tan En En and Jnanesh Salian)

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TotalEnergies BWF Thomas and Uber Cup Finals 2024: Day 3

Our Uber Cup Team has secured Australia’s first win at the TotalEnergies BWF Thomas and Uber Cup Finals 2024!

Setyana Mapasa and Angela Yu showed great form today in the Women’s Doubles against Chinese Taipei defeating Ching Hui Chang and Ching Tun Yang 21-19, 21-18.

Hear from National Head Coach Leanne Choo on the match:

“It was a great win from the girls today and awesome to get a win on the board.

“Setyana and Angela learned from their loss yesterday and came back onto court today a lot stronger, executing their strategy really well.”

“The win has certainly boosted the team’s confidence for our match against Malaysia later in the week.”

Chinese Taipei was too strong for the Falcons in the other events and clinched the overall win against Australia 4-1.

The squad now has a day off on Tuesday to prepare for their Group Stage (B) tie against Malaysia on Wednesday at 11.30am (AEST).

Meanwhile, Australia’s Thomas Cup Team returns to the court tomorrow morning at 11.30am for their Group Stage (A) tie against Canada.
Full Results: https://bit.ly/3w8Zk4D

📸 Badmintonphoto (Mark Chiu Wu and Jnanesh Salian)

Watch all the action live via BWF TV: https://youtube.com/@bwftv?si=OJvcjnQg60gnAzhh

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TotalEnergies BWF Thomas and Uber Cup Finals 2024: Day 2

Another great session on court in Chengdu with Australia’s Uber Cup Team going up against Thailand on Day 2 of the TotalEnergies BWF Thomas and Uber Cup Finals 2024.

Falcons Sydney Tjonadi (WS), Setyana Mapasa/Angela Yu (WD), Tiffany Ho (WS), Kaitlyn Ea/Gronya Somerville (WD) and Isabella Yan (WS) put up a challenge, however, the Thai team was too strong with the Australians going down fighting 0-5.

The experience of competing on the world stage has given them plenty of momentum for when they return to court tomorrow morning at 11.30am (AEST) against Chinese Taipei for their second match of the Group Stage (B).

Falcons Shrey Dhand (MS), Jack Yu (MS), Huaidong Tang/Rayne Wang (MD), Ricky Tang (MS) and Jacob Schueler/Kenneth Choo (MD) showed strong form this afternoon against Korea during their second match of the Thomas Cup, but were defeated 0-5.

The squad now has a day off on Monday to rest and recover before they go up against Canada in the Group Stage (A) on Tuesday at 11.30am (AEST).

Full Results: https://bit.ly/3w8Zk4D

📸 Badmintonphoto (Mark Chiu Wu and Tan En En)

Watch all the action live via BWF TV: https://youtube.com/@bwftv?si=OJvcjnQg60gnAzhh

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TotalEnergies BWF Thomas and Uber Cup Finals 2024: Day 1

What a fantastic opportunity it was this afternoon in Chengdu for Australia’s Thomas Cup Team after going up against hosts China at the TotalEnergies BWF Thomas and Uber Cup Finals 2024.

Falcons Ricky Tang (MS, MD)/ Rayne Wang (MD), Jacob Schueler (MS), Kenneth Choo (MD)/ Huaidong Tang (MD) and Jack Yu (MS) went down fighting 0-5, but gained plenty of valuable experience during the opening day in Chengdu competing against some of the world’s best.

Hear from National Head Coach Leanne Choo on the match:
“They embraced every moment on court this afternoon and what’s most pleasing was watching them all individually execute elements of their game that they had been working on.

“One thing we wanted to see was them to not feel intimidated by the home crowd and just show up on court and play their best – which is exactly what they did.

“I am pleased with today and can’t wait to get underway with the Women’s Uber Cup Team first thing tomorrow.”

Australia’s Uber Cup Team (Group B) is on court tomorrow morning at 10.30am (AEST) for their first match against Thailand.

Australia’s Men’s Team (Group A) returns to the court later in the afternoon at 3pm (AEST) against Korea.

Full Results: https://bwfthomasubercups.bwfbadminton.com

📸 Badmintonphoto (Jnanesh Salian and Tan En En)

Watch all the action live via BWF TV: https://youtube.com/@bwftv?si=OJvcjnQg60gnAzhh

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We take Integrity in Sport very seriously : Badminton Australia

Sport is an Australian way of life. It brings people together, transcending differences in language, ability, cultures, and beliefs, and provides physical, social, and economic benefits. Integrity is an essential part of this.
Integrity in sport means that athletes, support persons, and fans can participate and celebrate sport, confident in the knowledge that they are part of a safe, ethical, and inclusive environment.
Badminton Australia takes integrity seriously!
All our members and participants have an obligation to protect and maintain the integrity of sport, as well as the health and wellbeing of our athletes. We work closely with Sport Integrity Australia (SIA); the federal agency established to prevent and deal with integrity threats in sport.
If you require further information about integrity in our sport, please check the below poster for more information or head to the Badminton Australia website via www.badminton.org.au/integrity-resources/.

Team Selection Announcement for Thomas and Uber Cup Finals

Badminton Australia is thrilled to unveil the team selections for the TotalEnergies Badminton World Federation Thomas and Uber Cup Finals 2024.

The Thomas and Uber Cup Teams will travel to Chengdu, China, where the event is held from 27 April through to 5 May to compete against the top nations from across the world in what is the sport’s most prestigious Men’s and Women’s Team event.

Badminton Australia Tjitte (TJ) Weistra congratulated all the selected players who will represent Australia.

“After incredible performances during the qualification stage in Geelong, we are excited to see our teams go that one step further in the Finals,” he said.

“The Thomas and Uber Cups are among the most prestigious events in our sport and the experience of representing your nation in a team event is a true honour as an athlete.

“We wish all of our athletes the best of luck and we can’t wait to see you on court in Chengdu.”

The Thomas Cup was first held in 1949 and has been won a record 14 times by Indonesia, although India is the current champion after defeating Indonesia 3-0 during the 2022 edition in Thailand.

The Uber Cup’s history commenced in 1957 and has been won a record 15 times by China, however, at the 2022 tournament South Korea defeated China 3-2 to claim its second title.

The following players/squad/teams have been chosen by the Badminton Australia Selectors Panel in line with the Badminton Australia Selection Policy.

Australian Teams:

Thomas Cup (Men)


  • Kenneth Choo (2G Sports – VIC)
  • Rayne Wang (MUBC – VIC)
  • Huaidong Tang (NBC – NSW)


  • Jacob Schueler (Ocean Grove BC – VIC)
  • Shrey Dhand (Play Badminton – VIC)


  • Jack Yu (Sunnybank Hills BC – QLD)
  • Ricky Tang (Ace-DASH – NSW)

Uber Cup (Women)


  • Setyana Mapasa (Roketto – NSW)
  • Angela Yu (Sunnybank Hills BC – QLD)
  • Gronya Somerville (BadFit – VIC)
  • Kaitlyn Ea (2G Sports – VIC)


  • Tiffany Ho (NBC – NSW)
  • Sydney Tjonadi (Roketto – NSW)
  • Isabella Yan (NBC – NSW)

Read more: Qualifying Teams List for Thomas and Uber Cups Confirmed (via BWF)

In addition, the Senior Falcons Program has been updated with the addition of four new players (*):

Badminton Australia Senior Falcons

  • Kenneth Choo (2G Sports – VIC)
  • Shrey Dhand (Play Badminton – VIC) *
  • Kaitlyn Ea (2G Sports – VIC)
  • Kayson Goh (PBA – VIC)
  • Tiffany Ho (NBC – NSW)
  • Setyana Mapasa (Roketto – NSW)
  • Dania Nugroho (SPOC – SA) *
  • Jacob Schueler (Ocean Grove BC – VIC)
  • Gronya Somerville (BadFit – VIC)
  • Catrina Tan (Sturt – SA) *
  • Huaidong Tang (NBC – NSW) *
  • Ricky Tang (Ace-DASH – NSW)
  • Bernice Teoh (An-Yu – WA)
  • Rayne Wang (MUBC – VIC)
  • Angela Yu (Sunnybank Hills BC – QLD)
  • Jack Yu (Sunnybank Hills BC – QLD)

  • More Information on the Junior Falcons here.
  • More Information on the Senior Falcons here.

Anna Ronald appointed as Financial Controller

Badminton Australia is delighted to announce the appointment of Anna Ronald (FCPA) as the organisation’s new Financial Controller.

Anna joins Badminton Australia with more than 20 years of accounting experience within the sports and not-for-profit sectors in both Australia and the UK. Anna’s financial expertise in sport includes working in cricket, rowing and baseball, in addition to managing her own practice.

Badminton Australia Chief Executive Officer Tjitte Weistra said: “Anna’s knowledge and proven record of success within the sports industry will be highly advantageous to the future financial operations of Badminton Australia. We welcome Anna to our team and look forward to her contributions.”

Anna’s qualifications include a Bsc (Hons) in Applied Accounting, as well as being a CPA Public Practitioner and Registered Tax Agent.

“I am thrilled for this opportunity to join Badminton Australia and equally excited to use my knowledge of the finance and sports industries to ensure badminton continues to grow in Australia,” she said.

“I’m really looking forward to joining the team at BA, and starting a new chapter in my sports industry career.”

TJ Weistra thanked outgoing Financial Controller Anita Barbuto for her commitment to Badminton Australia.

“Anita had been an integral part of our organisation for many years, has been instrumental in the implementation of very robust finance practices and we thank her for the high-level of professionalism and dedication to the role,” he said.

“We will miss Anita and wish her nothing but the very best for the future.”

Media Contact: Anthony Pinda (Event and Communications Manager) for any further enquiries.

M: 0417 378 993 E: Anthony.pinda@badminton.org.au