Australian Institute of Sport Athlete Categorisation

Badminton Australia is pleased to announce athlete categorisations for able-bodied athletes under the Australian Institute of Sport (AIS) athlete categorisation system (categorisations for para athletes are scheduled to occur  later in the year after the Oceania Para Championships). You can read more about the AIS Categorisation system by clicking here.

The system is designed to identify athletes with the greatest potential to Australia winning medals at major international events, informs the prioritisation of support for these athletes and tracks their performance over time. 

To be considered for categorisation athletes must be part of the National Falcons Program. 

The Badminton AIS approved policy for the categorisation of athletes is called the Badminton Australia Athlete Podium, Podium Ready, Podium Potential, Developing and Emerging Categorisation Framework Policy. This Policy is located under the policy section of the Badminton Australia website – or you can read the information by clicking here.

For athletes that fall outside of one of the categories is considered an “International” categorised athlete. This Policy is also on the Badminton Australia website and is called the Badminton Australia Athlete International Categorisation Policy . You can read this policy by clicking here.

The categorisation of athletes is important as it can influence the resources and other support athletes receive through funding provided by the AIS or any other BA stakeholder bodies. For the AIS and other stakeholder bodies funding and support is focussed on Podium, Podium Ready, Podium Potential, Developing and Emerging athletes.

Click here to download a copy of the Badminton AIS Athlete Categorisation List

For more information please contact the Badminton Australia office.