2023 Falcons Program Selection Announcement

In accordance with the recently updated Athlete Selection Policy, Badminton Australia is pleased to announce the (re)selection of the Junior and Senior Falcons (National Junior & Senior Squads).

Badminton Australia Chief Executive Officer Tjitte Weistra said the Falcons selections highlighted the leading badminton talent from across the country.

“Congratulations to both the Junior and Senior Falcons that have been chosen to represent Australia,” Weistra said.

“Each and every athlete in the Falcons have displayed strong performances, commitment and dedication to their development as badminton players.

“During the next year they will have the opportunity to continue their development and careers at many national and international events while competing against some of the world’s best players.

“Congratulations to all of the players and we can’t wait to see you in action on the badminton court.”

Junior Falcons

Yee-Yuan Lim (Infinity BA – VIC), Sydney Tjonadi (Roketto/KBC – NSW), Maureen Wijaya (NBC – NSW), Joanne Zheng (An-Yu BC – WA), Jazmine Lam (PBA – VIC), Isabella Yan (NBC – NSW), Dania Nugrohgo (SPOC – SA), Catrina Tan (Sturt – SA), Bethany Li (PBA – VIC), Faye Huo (NBC – NSW), Victoria Tjonadi (Roketto/KBC – NSW), Shrey Dhand (Play Badminton – VIC), Jie Ying Chan (Alpha Badminton – NSW), Jayden Lim (PBA – VIC), Frederick Zhao (PBA – VIC), Chauncey Yu (PBA – VIC), Asher Ooi (Sydney Jets – NSW), Om Neelam (Play Badminton – VIC), Ephraim Stephen Sam (Sams Badminton – QLD), Dion Binod (Sams Badminton – QLD), Roshan Joseph Biju (SKM Badminton – WA), Timothy Sentosa (An-Yu BC – WA), Jordan Yang (WSBA – VIC), Emmanuel Stephen Sam (Sams Badminton – QLD), Jordan Wang (PBA – VIC), Terrence Kok (An-Yu BC – WA) and Aneesh Nirmal (Chandler BC – QLD).

Senior Falcons

Tiffany Ho (NBC – NSW), Louisa Ma (BAV – VIC), Kaitlyn Ea (Infinity BA – VIC), Gronya Somerville (BadFit – VIC), Angela Yu (Sunnybank Hills BC – QLD), Sydney Go (HPB – VIC), Setyana Mapasa (TUMOU – NSW), Bernice Teoh (An-Yu BC – WA), Nathan Tang (Ming Badminton Academy- VIC), Kenneth Choo (2G Sports -VIC), Keith Edison (Chandler BC – QLD), Jacob Schueler (Ocean Grove BC – VIC), Jack Yu (Sunnybank Hills BC  – QLD), Rayne Wang (MUBC – VIC), Kai Chen Teoh (An-Yu BC – WA), Ricky Tang (DASH/ACE – NSW), Rio Agustino (NBC – NSW), Kayson Goh (PBA – VIC), Rizky Ismail (KBC – NSW) and Frengky Putra (Roketto/KBC – NSW).

Nathan Tang named on Victoria 2026 Commonwealth Games Athlete Advisory Group

Falcons Team member Nathan Tang has been appointed to the Athlete Advisory Group that will play an integral role in providing input and feedback ahead of the Victorian 2026 Commonwealth Games.

The AAG’s role is to work alongside Commonwealth Games Australia and provide insight from their experiences as athletes to assist in planning, alumni engagement and overall athlete support during the lead up to 2026.

“I am super proud to be involved with what’s going to be a home ground tournament for Australian athletes,” Tang said.

“This is another great opportunity to give back to the badminton community and help Australian sport continue to grow.”

Tang made his Commonwealth Games debut in Birmingham 2022 where he made it through to the Round of 32 in the Men’s Singles as well as the quarter-finals of the Men’s Doubles.

“We have such a huge pedigree of young badminton players coming through our ranks so hopefully we can medal at the upcoming Commonwealth Games.

“We are looking primed for some good results as we will have plenty of support from the home crowd,” Tang said.

In addition to Tang, the AAG includes:

Paige Hadley (Netball), Karen Murphy AM (Bowls), Greg Hire (3×3 Basketball), Anabelle Smith (Diving), Nina Kennedy (Athletics), Brandon Wakeling (Weightlifting), Tahlia McGrath (Cricket), Aran Zalewski (Hockey), Chris McHugh (Beach Volleyball), Matthew Levy OAM (CGE AAC) and Shayna Jack (Swimming)

Tang said he was proud to be a part of a group of athletes that represented various sporting codes.

“Badminton has always been a small community here in Australia, to now combine with athletes from other sports I will be able to hear their thoughts and insights from their experiences,” he said.

Read more here: https://bit.ly/3JiapDy

*Image credit: Commonwealth Games Australia*

Strong outcomes on court at Alice Springs State Camp

A State Camp delivered in Alice Springs by Geelong Badminton Academy Head Coach Naman Bhardwaj has been met with great praise.

The two-day program, which focused on both singles and doubles play, included 13 junior badminton players who came together to enhance their skills, techniques, tactics, and strategies within an environment focused on developing a sense of camaraderie and competition.

On day one the players started with intense practice sessions specifically designed to enhance their singles techniques, tactics, and strategies.

“The day comprised four sessions, which included a combination of on-court and off-court drills, skill-building exercises, and movement training. The aim was to reinforce the learning objectives and provide practical applications in a match-like scenario,” Bhardwaj said.

“To conclude the day, a round-robin tournament was organised, where the players demonstrated their newfound skills and applied all that was learned during the training sessions.”

The primary focus for day two was doubles, with players taking part in both on and off court drills, skill development exercises and movement training.

“Our focus was on improving the athletes’ coordination and teamwork,” Bhardwaj said.

“The day concluded with another tournament-like doubles match, allowing the players to implement the knowledge gained during the training sessions and reinforce their understanding of doubles play.”

Another benefit for the participants was being able to view video analysis which featured Badminton Australia’s Falcon players and showcased the level of skill and performance that can be achieved with dedication and hard work.

“By highlighting the achievements of elite players, we aimed to motivate the State Camp players to set high goals and continue their efforts to excel in badminton,” Bhardwaj said.

Looking ahead to the future, Bhardwaj said there were plans to host future camps across the territory.

“The players, parents, and the management of the Northern Territory Badminton Association expressed their utmost satisfaction with the camp,” he said.

“The participants showcased significant improvement in their skills, demonstrated a better understanding of game strategies, and developed stronger teamwork and sportsmanship.

“The positive feedback and requests for future sessions indicates a strong desire among the players and their support networks to continue these camps on a regular basis.

“These camps have the potential to shape the next generation of competitive players and contribute to the overall advance Australian badminton.”

Falcons eager to show their Sudirman Cup learning experiences during upcoming international tour

Falcons players are about to hit the road for another international tour which starts next week with the Badminton Oceania-sanctioned Northern Marianas Open.

The International Challenge event in Saipan will provide a fresh challenge for high-performance player Jack Yu who plans to put recent experience at the TotalEnergies BWF Sudirman Cup Finals into action when he hits the court.

“Playing at the Sudirman Cup definitely opened my eyes to what it’s like on the world stage,” he said.

“There were so many great players to observe. I could see what they do tactic-wise and how strong they are on court – but more than ever I am motivated to catch up to their level.”

One of the major learning experiences for Yu came in the form of a singles match against India’s Prannoy H.S which he went down fighting 8-21, 8-21.

“Physically there was a big difference between us. His stamina on court was crazy and could maintain that level of speed for hours,” Yu said.

“It has motivated me to try and close that gap and try my best, especially when I head to the Marianas.”

One challenge that Yu is excited for is his opening singles match in the round of 64 next week where he will be going head-to-head against Japanese third seed Yushi Tanaka.

“He’s a very strong player and I am expecting a tough match,” Yu said.

“My goal is to try my best and see what I can learn from this tournament.”

Another Falcon who is looking to use experience from Sudirman to improve her performance on this upcoming international tour is 2023 Cliff Cutt Memorial Trophy winner Kaitlyn Ea.

In Suzhou Ea paired with Angela Yu and Gronya Somerville in the Women’s Doubles, an experience which has motivated her ahead of her trip to the Marianas.

“Most of all I saw how the best players in the world conduct themselves,” Ea said.

“They can produce creative shots which allows for different opportunities on court.

“I really am looking to replicate this style of play in the upcoming tournaments.”

Badminton Australia President Andrew Greenway congratulates Victoria’s Kaitlyn Ea on being the 2023 recipient of the Cliff Cutt Memorial Trophy

One of Ea’s first matches is alongside Somerville in the Women’s Doubles round of 16 against Chinese Taipei’s Ching Hui Chang and Ching Tun Yang.

“It’s a tough draw, but I plan to continue learning from my time on court,” she said.

As it stands, Ea will play both events in the Marianas, the Northern Marianas Open 2023 and Saipan International, before she will remain on tour for other events across Asia and North America.

“I am definitely aiming to get into some quarter and semi-finals while also ensuring I strengthen my doubles partnerships for the future,” she said.

“I also enjoy the experience of travelling to play in tournaments as It’s given me an opportunity to see the world and experience new cultures.

“The training can be tough, but I always welcome a good challenge.”

National Head Coach Leanne Choo said the experience at Sudirman had given several of the players new and improved skills ahead of this next block of international tournaments.

“I am proud of all the players’ efforts in Suzhou. We drew a tough group and the goal going there was to win a match and we were able to do that, which I am happy about,” Choo said.

“Some were able to show they can compete with the world’s best. Everyone gave their best efforts and the team supported each other throughout the event.

“On this next block of international events, some players will be on the road for four to six weeks. This would usually feel like quite a long time to be away; however, they have already experienced something similar during the European tour we did earlier in the year.”

Choo predicts strong competition at the first two tournaments in the Marianas, but believes the Australian players are well equipped for a challenge.

“The competition is tough wherever you travel as it’s an Olympic qualification period,” she said.

“There are lots of players competing from strong badminton nations including Chinese-Taipei, Japan and Korea.

“However, our players are well prepared and they will definitely have some great matches ahead next week.”

Once on the road, the team will be aiming for strong results, but at the same time Choo said there were also plenty of lessons to be learned along the way.

“It is important for the younger players to start getting accustomed to being on the road and gaining experience playing across all parts of the world,” she said.

“International competitions are an aspect of our sport that we don’t get enough of because Australia is geographically so far away.

“The sooner younger players are exposed to these enriching experiences, the more tools they will have to be able to deal with certain situations and environments.

“It also plays a huge part in their personal development too, which is something Badminton Australia values for our players.”

Photo Credits: Badminton Photo (Erika Sawauchi, Jnanesh Salian)

Para Badminton athletes extend themselves on the world stage

Many of our Para Badminton athletes have recently been overseas for Para Badminton International events in Thailand and Bahrain.

There’s been plenty of tough competition on the badminton court which has provided our athletes with fantastic development experience.

First up was a trip to Southeast Asia for the Thailand Para Badminton International 2023.

Among some of the top results in Thailand include:

Kenneth Adlawan partnered with Brazilian Joao Pedro Albuquerque Oliveira and had one win and two losses to finish third in MD SL3 SL4 Group F.

Qambar Ali Akhteyari secured one win and two losses in MS WH 2 to finish third in Group C. He then paired up with India’s Nirmala Devi for the XD WH 1 WH 2, finishing fourth with three losses in Group B. Akhteyari and fellow Australian Lochan Cowper then grouped up for the MD WH 1 WH 2 finishing in third spot for Group F.

Cowper was also in action with fellow Australian Janine Watson for the XD WH 1 WH 2, the pair had three losses with one match going to three games. MS WH 1 saw two losses to end in third place in Group E.

Caitlin Dransfield in WS SL 4 ended up with a loss and win by walkover to make it through to quarter finals, but was defeated by Helle Sofie Sagoey from Norway.

Martyn Ford Paired with fellow Australian Grant Manzoney for the MD WH 1 WH 2 and ended up in final standing for Group F with two losses. In the MS WH 1, Ford had three losses to end in fourth place for Group G. Pairing with Aline De Oliveira Cabral for the XD WH 1 WH 2, the pair experienced three losses, one going to a third game to end in fourth place for Group D.

Mischa Ginns teamed up with Samir Ishani for the XD WH 1 WH 2 in Group A, the pair had three losses to finish in fourth place. In the WS WH 2 Group E Ginns had two losses and had to retire in the third.

Amonrat Jamporn had two losses in Group F of the WS SL 3 and finished third in the standings. Once back on court with American Richard Alcaraz in the XD SL3 SU5, they experienced two walkovers and one loss to finish in fourth spot for Group E.

Celine Vinot secured one win and one loss in Group A WS SL3. Vinot progressed to the Round of 16 but was beaten 11-21, 4-21 by India’s Manasi Girishchandra Joshi.

The athletes had a quick turnaround as just days later they headed to the Middle East for the Bahrain Para Badminton International 2023.

Watson and Cowper were back in action within the XD WH 1 WH 2 and made it all the way through to the quarter finals. Despite a hard-fought effort, they went down to South Korea’s Choi Jungman and Lee Sun Ae 14-21, 6-21.

Dransfield also made it through to the WS SL 4 quarter finals, but had a tough 13-21, 13-21 encounter against India’s Palak Kohli.

In the WS SL 3 quarter final Celine Vinot took on Indonesia’s Syakuroh Qonitah Ikhtia but was beaten 12-21, 9-21.

Adlawan made it through to the third round of the MS SL 3 Group H and pushed his match with Alex Santamaria Carrasco all the way to three, but it wasn’t enough to overcome the Spaniard going down 24-22, 25-27, 16-21.

Akhteyari also had strong performance in the MS WH 2 Group F but was defeated by Switzerland’s Luca Olgiati 8-21, 8-21.

The athletes are now returning to Australia and will increase their preparations for the VICTOR Oceania Para Badminton Championships 2023 in Perth, followed by the Western Australian Para Badminton International.

High Performance update from Head Coach, Leanne Choo

The high performance program has had an extremely busy and positive first half of the year. The Senior Falcons have recently come back from a six-week European Tour where they competed in multiple tournaments and trained at the National Training Centre (Papendal) in the Netherlands. This was their first major international tour and the players came away with a rich learning experience on and off the court. They experienced training with different players, learning different playing styles, understanding how to adjust to different competition environments and caught a glimpse into what life on tour could potentially look like. The highlight of the trip was Kenneth Choo and Gronya Somerville winning the Dutch International Series. They played fantastic and it was a great way to finish the tour!

More recently, 10 senior Falcons have returned from China where they competed in the Sudirman Cup. For non-badminton readers, this is the World Cup of Badminton and the biggest team event of the year! The goal and expectation going in was to be competitive with the best players in the world and to come away with a win. All players were able to step up and play some of their best badminton. The mixed doubles (Ken and Gronya) were able to get a brilliant win against India which was a sensational effort. A highlight of the trip was the players being able to experience and learn first-hand what the gap is between them and the world’s best. They not only competed against the best, but they were able to watch them play, observe how they prepared for matches, how they competed, etc. During the week, the players, Vountus and I had many discussions around what they feel the gap is and what they need to do when they go home. The other highlight was seeing noticeable improvements in what they have been working on the last three months and watching them execute it on a world stage.

We are off to Northern Marianas in two weeks for two International Challenges. Some of the players will then head to Taiwan Open and Mongolia International Challenge. We are looking to achieve strong results at these tournaments. It’s been a great first half of the year and I am excited for the second half, which is looking just as busy as the first half of the year!

Falcons eager to learn from TotalEnergies BWF Sudirman Cup Finals 2023 in Suzhou

National Falcons Team members Angela Yu and Ricky Tang aim to soak up as much international experience as they can when they make their Sudirman Cup debuts in Suzhou.

The TotalEnergies BWF Sudirman Cup Finals 2023 swing into gear on Sunday with Australia drawn into Group C alongside Malaysia, Chinese Taipei and India.

Both Yu (QLD) and Tang (NSW) understand that competing against players in their group will be a tough challenge, but it’s an aspect of their trip to China they are ready to embrace.

Tang heads into the 2023 edition of the Sudirman Cup fresh off his first Men’s Singles National Individual Championship title win and is eager to get onto court at the Suzhou Olympic Sports Centre.

Tang secured a dream finish to the 2023 YONEX National Individual Championships in April with a 21-16, 21-13 performance to claim the title over South Australia’s Gavin Ong.

“I am definitely more confident after the win in Bendigo and I know this experience is going to be great for my development,” Tang said.

“I am going to try my best to challenge the top international players.

“I’ll take it one point at a time. If I lose, I lose. But I will go down fighting hard.”

Irrespective of his performance at Nationals, his selection for the Sudirman Cup squad was announced back in early April.

When Tang first heard the news of his selection in Australia’s Sudirman Cup team back in early April before Nationals  he was “over the moon”.

“ I am on a really good trajectory ahead of Sudirman and will be able to play some of my best badminton,” he said.

“It’s a chance to also observe how the top players train, prepare and play which will show me where I am as a player.”

Queensland’s Angela Yu shares the same vision to learn from the world’s best badminton players once on court in Suzhou.

“After the recent tour in Europe, I am feeling more confident heading into Sudirman,” Yu said.

“I hope to learn from this experience and see where my strengths and weaknesses are.

“Areas I am looking to improve on are my tactics and speed which I will be able improve by competing against very strong players.”

One aspect of the trip to Suzhou is having her brother Jack also on this year’s National Falcons Team.

“It’s very nice to be able to travel as siblings and I am excited that he will also gain plenty of experience,” she said.

Read more about Australia’s opponents: Group C Preview: The Group of Death? (By the BWF)

Other women on the team are Gronya Somerville (VIC), Kaitlyn Ea (VIC), Tiffany Ho (NSW) and Sydney Go ( VIC).

Meanwhile, the selected men are Rayne Wang (VIC), Kenneth Choo (VIC) and Nathan Tang  VIC) and Jack Yu (QLD).

National Head Coach Leanne Choo has competed at several Sudirman Cup tournaments during her career as a player.

However, in 2023 the South Australian heads into the tournament ready to make her  Sudirman coaching debut.

“This is going to be the first big event that I’ve coached at and it’s a tournament where we are really going to be on the world’s stage,” Choo said.

“It’s all very exciting but at the same time to see the best players in the world can be nerve-racking.”

Australia’s campaign in Group C begins at 12pm (AEST) on Sunday against Malaysia.

They will then face Chinese Taipei on Monday at 12pm (AEST), followed by India at 12pm (AEST) on Wednesday.

“This is our opportunity to see what the gap is between us and the best in the world,” Choo said of the upcoming encounters.

“As a player you don’t always get to see this level of competition all the time, but when you head to Sudirman it’s always the best of the best.”

Choo knows there’s tough matches ahead this week on the badminton court, however, she believes the Australian players will gain plenty of experience from the tournament.

“For nearly half of our team it’s their Sudirman debut and we’ve talked about expectations and what we can get out of our time in Suzhou,” Choo said.

“When we’re at a tournament of this scale my expectation is that they get out on court and play some great matches while competing at their best.”

Hosts, top seed and defending Champions China has drawn Group A alongside Denmark, Singapore and Egypt.

Group B includes inaugural Sudirman Cup Champions Indonesia, Thailand, Germany and Canada.

Meanwhile,  Japan will lead Group D and go up against South Korea, France and England.

First held in 1989, the biennial Sudirman Cup is named in honour of former Indonesian badminton player and founder of the Badminton Association of Indonesia Dick Sudirman.

China currently holds the record for most victories (12), followed by South Korea (4) and Indonesia (1).

Keep up to date with Australia’s progress across Badminton Australia’s social media channels.

Junior Falcons master their skills at National Development Camp

Badminton Australia Junior Falcons from across the country recently spread their wings and flew into a National Development Camp held at the Maribyrnong Sports Academy.

The four-day program covered several aspects of badminton such as match-play scenarios and technical skill development with an overall focus on helping players establish confidence and consistency on the court.

“As part of any camp it’s important that I give the players variety in their training,” Badminton Australia Junior Coach Tom Champion said.

“I covered the physical, tactical and technical aspects by using different methods to keep the players engaged. Examples of these were footwork patterns designed to emulate the length of professional rallies, consistency drills if physical errors were made and open techniques to allow players to take ownership of areas of improvement.”

Champion emphasised the importance of preparations both on and off the court.

“It’s important for athletes to make good decisions off-court that can affect their training and competitions,” he said.

“With the players it’s important to share what positive outcomes they could achieve from each session if they give 100%.

“This gives them a purpose and a goal to strive towards for each session or drill.”

The camp included junior players from a range of age groups, which strengthened the diversity of the program.

“It’s great to have these opportunities to bring athletes from different states together to collaborate and play with each other,” Champion said.

“We have players of different ages interacting together, the great thing about having this mixture of age groups allows some of the older athletes to provide sound advice to the younger players.

“It’s a format that works well.”

The timing of the National Development Camp saw several of the players build their skills towards competing at last week’s 2023 YONEX National Championships, as well as for later in the year when some will head to the United States to compete at the World Junior Badminton Championships from September 24 to October 8, 2023.

“Going into any Championship tournament it’s important that our athletes feel confident across all parts of the court,” Champion said.

“At our camps we give the players the freedom to work on different areas of badminton which we then provide feedback.

“It’s not just about doing drills then getting onto the next thing, it’s about putting into practice what they learn so that it starts to become second nature.”

In addition to Champion, the coaching line-up included Geelong Badminton Academy Head Coach Naman Bharadwaj, National Senior Assistant Coach Vountus Indra Mawan and National Development Manager Renuga Veeran.

“Big thank you to those who attended the second National Development Camp,” Veeran said.

“The coaching team was impressed with the level of dedication and enthusiasm at the camp, and we are proud of everyone’s effort and ending the camp on a high note.


“We hope the players embraced the chance to learn and continue to apply the experience every time they step onto the badminton court.

“We would also like to thank all the parents for always taking the time and being there supporting the players in their overall performance – it can’t happen without their support.”

Above all, the coaching team hoped that all players upon finishing the camp found it enjoyable and with new-found confidence.

Champion said it was important for the players to engage with new ideas to increase their ability and knowledge of badminton.

“Our sport has the potential to grow immensely in Australia and it’s up to us to make sure we keep players engaged to ensure badminton becomes a long-term interest for them all.”

Badminton Australia announces Falcons squad bound for 2023 Sudirman Cup in China

Badminton Australia has confirmed the selection of its National Falcons Team that is heading to China next month to compete at the TotalEnergies BWF Sudirman Cup Finals 2023.

This year’s team includes a mixture of experience and youth that will take on the world’s best players in one of the sport’s most prestigious mixed team badminton competitions.

Selected women are Gronya Somerville (Play Badminton, VIC), Kaitlyn Ea (Infinity Badminton Club, VIC), Tiffany Ho (NBC, NSW), Angela Yu (Sunnybank Hills Badminton Club, QLD) and Sydney Go (HP Badminton, VIC).

Meanwhile, the selected men are Jack Yu (Sunnybank Hills Badminton Club, QLD ), Rayne Wang (Melbourne University Badminton, VIC), Kenneth Choo (Glen Waverley Badminton Club, VIC), Nathan Tang (Glen Waverley Badminton Club, VIC) and Ricky Tang (Dash Badminton Club, NSW).

Led by National Senior Coach Leanne Choo, the 10-strong squad will have four reserve players (two female and two male) who have been selected to assist if any of the above team members withdraw from the competition.

Australia has been drawn into Group C which includes Malaysia, Chinese Taipei and India.

Hosts, top seed and defending Champions China has drawn Group A alongside Denmark, Singapore and Egypt.

Group B includes inaugural Sudirman Cup Champions Indonesia, Thailand, Germany and Canada.

Meanwhile, second seeds Japan will lead Group D and go up against South Korea, France and England.

The group stage commences on May 14th at the Suzhou Olympic Sport Centre.

First held in 1989, the biennial Sudirman Cup is named in honour of former Indonesian badminton player and founder of the Badminton Association of Indonesia Dick Sudirman.

China currently holds the record for most victories (12), followed by South Korea (4) and Indonesia (1).

Congratulations to the selected athletes and best of luck in your preparation for the Sudirman Cup.

High Performance Update From Head Coach, Leanne Choo

The high performance program has commenced full time in Melbourne focused on Emerging and Developing athletes in line with funding from the Australian Institute of Sport. Falcons players not based in Melbourne will continue to be supported through camps, coach development, athlete plans and ongoing support of Performance Pathway Partner Clubs. Head Coach, Leanne Choo said “There is an increased number of on court sessions and we have been working together with the Victorian Institute of Sport to maximise each athlete’s performance.”

Senior falcon athletes are also gearing up for Oceania Individual Championships and Oceania Mixed Team Championships. Winners will qualify for the Team Finals (Sudirman Cup) to be held in China in May.

This year is forecasted to be a busy one with international competition with Olympic qualification kicking off on the May 1st, which will go for 12 months.

In December, Keith Edison was competing in Botswana, South Africa and Malta. He came away with some great victories and learnings. Other Falcon’s have used the summer to get in a solid 8 week block of training before Oceania Championships.

In March, Falcon players (Gronya Somerville, Kaitlyn Ea, Kenneth Choo, Nathan Tang, Jacob Schueler, Keith Edison, Tiffany Ho, Joyce Choong, Rayne Wang, Jack Yu, Angela Yu) will travel for a 6 week European Tour. They will play in Portugal, Poland, Spain and the Netherlands. This is a great opportunity for our emerging/developing players to experience international competition and continue to review and refine their games. They will be based in the Netherlands National Training Centre and train with the national team between tournaments.

The high performance program is looking forward to incorporating more player education and inviting speakers to present on topics ranging from performance psychology, managing work/life balance, pre-post competition nutrition to sleep and recovery strategies. This is an important priority for the high performance program and for our young athletes to understand the nature and demands that is required of elite sport.

‘If you are always looking for ways to improve your performance, have a listen to the Huberman Lab podcast. It is full of gems on science-based tools to optimise your brain for everyday life!” Leanne said.

You can find it on Spotify and iTunes.