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Badminton Australia endorses the notion of sport of all and actively encourages the participation of people with a disability.

Playing badminton helps support and develop both fundamental physical skills and life skills. The sport now provides opportunities to play socially along with a pathway leading up to world championships and the Paralympics.  We are keen to see playing numbers grow in the coming years, come and give it a go!

For all inquiries regarding para-badminton in Australia, please email para@badminton.org.au.


Badminton has been part of the Special Olympics World Summer Games since 1995 and will be included in the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Summer Games sports program, which puts the sport in an exciting time to educate and unite communities and improve quality of lives through sport.

What is Paralympic Sport?

In Para badminton, athletes are classified into “Sport Classes” to ensure fairness in competition. In Para badminton there are six Sport Classes. Every athlete is classified into one of the six Sport Classes before they can compete at an international level. This ensures that athletes compete in groups which consider how their physical impairment affects their performance as a badminton player.

Para Badminton Classification

In Para badminton, the classification process involves a medical examination and some badminton activities to show the classifiers what badminton movements and shots are easy or more difficult for the athlete. The Minimal Impairment Criteria for each of the Sport Classes is described in the BWF Classification Regulations. There are also opportunities to get involved in badminton’s classification program.

Classification WH 1

Classification SL 4

Classification WH 2

Classification SU 5

Classification SL 3

Classification SH 6

Para Badminton Documentation
Para Badminton Documentation
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Para Badminton Pathway
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What are the basics?
What are the basics?
Badminton is a simple sport to start to play, but there are plenty of rules that can complicate the game. Below we’ve outlined the very basic rules to start playing badminton wherever you are!

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