Sathio Group Australian Badminton Open Concludes

The Sathio Group Australian Badminton Open 2022, seeing some of the best players from around the globe recently descend upon Sydney, has wrapped up with a slew of new champions gracing the podium.

While China and South Korea shared podium honours among the various draws, the Australian representatives put forward their best efforts in competition.

In the Men’s Singles, Nathan Tang finished his competition in the quarter-finals, bowing out after a hard fought match of three sets, while the Women’s Singles saw Wendy Chen and Tiffany Ho finish their campaigns with losses in Round 2.

The Women’s Doubles draw saw six Australian pairs take to the court, with Sydney and Victoria Tjonadi progressing through to the quarter-finals for Australia’s best result.

Australia was similarily well represented in the Men’s Doubles, in which Kenneth Choo and Ming Lim finished their competition in Round 2, while in the Mixed Doubles, it was Charis Ho, partnered with South Korean Jae Sun Lee, who progressed the furthest.

Congratulations to all players and Australian representatives on their efforts and results!

Full results from the tournament can be found on Tournament Software and more information can be found on the official website.