Individual Badminton Events at Birmingham 2022 – Preview

Ready for more badminton action at the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games? The individual events begin today, so here’s your guide on everything that’s to come.

What events are running?
Now that the Mixed Team event has wrapped up, it’s time for the Individual events to begin. This includes the Men’s and Women’s Singles, the Men’s and Women’s Doubles and the Mixed Doubles events.

Who will be competing?
You can expect to see all the Australian Badminton Falcons who were selected to the team competing across the various events. With big days ahead, the best way to stay on top of it all is to check the Birmingham 2022 schedule or follow along on our social channels.

Wednesday’s Schedule
The schedule for Day 1, Wednesday 3 August is jam-packed with Aussie action. Check out the breakdown below.

Mixed Doubles (Round of 64)
Tran Hoang Pham / Angela Yu (AUS) v Dwight Joshua / Soraye March (FLK)
10am local (7pm AEST, 5pm AWST)

Ying Xiang Lin / Gronya Somerville (AUS) v Douglas Clark / Cheryl March (FLK)
4:30pm local (1:30am AEST (Thursday), 11:30pm AWST)

Women’s Doubles (Round of 32)
Aminath Nabeeha Abdul Razzaq / Fathimath Nabaaha Abdul Razzaq (MDV) v Kaitlin Ea / Angela Yu (AUS)
11:30am local (8:30pm AEST, 6:30pm AWST)

Mahoor Shahzad / Ghazala Siddique (PAK) v Hsuan-Yu Wendy Chen / Gronya Somerville (AUS)
11:30am local (8:30pm AEST, 6:30pm AWST)

Men’s Singles (Round of 64)
Nathan Tang (AUS) v Sammy Mdogo Sikoyo (KEN)
1pm local (10pm AEST, 8pm AWST)

Ying Xiang Lin (AUS) v Matthew Abela (MLT)
6pm local (3am AEST, 1am AWST (Thursday))

Jacob Schueler (AUS) v Samuel Ricketts (JAM)
6:30pm local (3:30am AEST, 1:30am AWST (Thursday))

And the results?
The Birmingham 2022 website has live updates and results available at the conclusion of all games. You can follow the live coverage, check out the results, and follow along on our social channels too.

Other accounts to follow include the Commonwealth Games Australia (CGA) and Birmingham 2022 social channels.

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We wish the Australian team the best of luck!