Badminton Australia Secures Online Coaching Partnership!

Badminton Australia is excited to announce a new partnership with Badminton Famly! The Badminton Famly partnership will be one that brings coach development in Australia at the head of the pack. The Badminton Famly platform allows coaches to continually develop their own skills on court by putting resources like lesson plans, tutorials, tactical videos, physical programs, mental courses and TV podcasts right at their fingertips.

CEO Jamie Parsons said, “We want coaches around Australia to have the opportunity to continually develop their skills, expand their tool kits and to challenge their athletes constantly. In the past coaches have been restricted to one-off courses, attending seminars or completed ad-hoc online training once every few years. We wanted to bring more value to our coaches in a way that would benefit them and their athletes. The Badminton Famly partnership is a way we can begin to do that, allowing coaches to develop themselves when it suits them in the comfort of their own home”

Badminton Famly is the brainchild of former World Champion Thomas Laybourn, who has brought together a range of resources for members of the platform. “Our goal and mission is to inspire and develop players & coaches throughout the world, through e-learning badminton videos, webinars etc.” said Thomas Laybourn, “We are really excited about this online e-learning partnership with Badminton Australia, it’s a whole new way of thinking about coach development through an online partnership. We can’t wait to get started in creating content together, and take Australia to the next level in badminton. ”

“Badminton Australia registered coaches across Australia will be able to access the Badminton Famly platform and we’re really pleased to be able to say this is the first of a number of resources that Badminton Australia registered coaches will have access too” said Badminton Australia CEO Jamie Parsons



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