A New Brand For Badminton in Australia

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The 15th of December 2020 marks a significant day for Badminton in Australia with the launch of a new brand for Badminton Australia and the state & territory associations, a new tagline for badminton in Australia, an official team for Australian Badminton teams, a new mascot and a new website focused at three segments of badminton.

Attending the event were key badminton community members, stakeholders, partners, administrators and supporters of badminton. In a unique twist the launch was performed on Zoom, in line with the tone of 2020, and was a smooth and successful launch.

Badminton Australia’s new logo, Falcons mascot and Australian Badminton Falcons logo

At 2pm on the 15th of December, 2020 ABC News Breakfast host Georgie Tunny MC’d the launch of the new brand walking the audience through the swathe of new additions to badminton.  Minister for Sport, and longtime badminton fan, the Honorable Richard Colbeck was excited to be part of the launch. He cut the proverbial tape making the brand official for Badminton Australia and the state and territory associations.

Gronya Somerville and Julian Lee represented the players and launched The Australian Badminton Falcons along with the new mascot to the community. Gronya said of the new Badminton Falcons brand that “It’s going to bring the badminton community together” and that it “will be a great change going forward, putting badminton up with the other larger sports”. Julian was asked by Georgie about his goals and what it means to represent Australia with a new brand. He said “I’m excited and will be extremely proud to represent my country internationally” before revealing the new Falcons mascot.

Logos of State’s & Territories along with the new tagline, Let’s Play

Badminton Australia President Andrew Greenway presented the new tagline for badminton, “Let’s Play”. He reflected on the journey badminton had undertaken over the last decade and was positive that big things were to come for badminton. The new brand and the tagline “Let’s Play” was designed to reflect the contemporary and progressive approach for Badminton Australia going forward.

Rounding out the presentation was CEO Jamie Parsons who spoke of how bringing together the country under the new branding, tagline and website was an extremely positive step forward for badminton. Jamie said “Along with the new brand, Badminton Australia will be releasing a new strategic plan to take us through to 2032” and that “the release of the new brand, the new pathway and new era for badminton will inspire the 12 years olds of today who will be competing at a potential home games in 2032”.

You can watch the full launch here – https://youtu.be/UiTb-2NRoZk



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