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Umpires in badminton are the authority for the match, they are in charge of the court and the immediate surroundings. Umpires must ensure that the match they are officiating is conducted in accordance with the ‘Laws of badminton’, the rules and regulations of the Badminton World federation (BWF) and any other regulations that apply to the specific competition.

Information and calls that an umpire would need to make during a match could be any of the following:

  • Keep a tally of the score which is announced after each point
  • Keep a tally of the games during the match
  • Call on faults or lets
  • Make note of any misconduct to report them to the referee

An Umpire will be in charge of the court area from the time that the players and umpire enter the court till the time that they leave after the conclusion of the match. The Umpire reports to and acts under the authority of the Referee.

The education pathway of an Umpire is quite clear and once a certain level is attained the Umpire will then be required to hold that accreditation for a period of time before being able to move to the next level. An important note is that organisation where the accreditation comes from, Badminton Australia, Badminton Oceania or the Badminton World Federation and therefore the level of competition that an Umpire may officiate at will improve with their accreditation level.


If you would like to become an Umpire please compile the following documentation and get in touch with your State/Territory Association Court Official Committee who will assess your knowledge, experience and qualifications. You can find your nearest Associations here (Link to where to play)

Required Documents/Experience:

  • Current Child Safety Check
  • Sport Australia – Introductory Level Officiating General Principles
  • Play By The Rules – Introduction to the Integrity of Sport
  • Play By The Rules – Child Protection
  • Play By The Rules – Harassment and Discrimination
  • 12 months playing or administration experience in badminton along with a basic knowledge of the rules of badminton