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The Badminton World Federation (BWF) are the leading body in the sport of badminton globally. BWF over the past decade has continued to refine and improve the education and materials that it provides to coaches. Australia has adopted the BWF coaching pathway because it is the leading coach education system. Below are the levels of BWF qualification delivered and recognised in Australia.

Shuttle Time – This one-day course is the entry point for many coaches, Shuttle Time is the coaching qualification focused on growing and developing a love of badminton. The Shuttle Time course combines movement, play and fun across 22 different lesson plans. The perfect starting point for any coach to learn how to coach participants in loving the game of badminton and making it a ‘game for life’

BWF 1 – The course that has it all! BWF 1 teaches you what to coach, how to coach and how to plan for success. The BWF 1 course runs over four days and is a step up from Shuttle Time, it is recommended that before undertaking this course you complete a Shuttle Time course to ensure that you have the appropriate knowledge base.

BWF 2 – The advanced course that focuses a coach on developing training programs for one year or more. A BWF 2 qualification is considered as a very high-level qualification within Australia, coaches with this qualification will likely be coaching internationally and/or handling national coaching and development duties.

BWF 3 – A course for those wishing to coach high-level youth athletes and/or elite players, the best of the best. The BWF 3 course is one that focuses on coaching systems (TID and development), youth development models and Elite coaching. This qualification is a specialist qualification and can only be attained

BWF Coach Educator Course – A course that is designed to ‘train the trainers’ and continue to support the growth and development of the coaching pool. It is recommended that coaches undertaking this specialisation have extensive prior experience in coaching and working with other coaches.

BWF Fast Track – Retired players may be eligible for special consideration for the BWF Fast Track course designed to help transition international players from playing to coaching.