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In order to coach within Australia, it is highly recommended to attain Badminton Australia Coaching Accreditation as it ensures that you have passed all of the required training and education that is relevant to the Australian badminton landscape. Simply completing a badminton qualification is not enough, the Australian coaching system requires the completion of further education and continued professional development in order to remain relevant as a coach. Once a coach has completed these requirements, they can apply to become and Accredited badminton coach.

The Badminton Australia Coach Accreditation allows you as a coach to be safe in the knowledge that you are up to date with the Australia regulations when it comes to working within sport. It is also a stamp of recognition for parents and players to know that the coach they will be engaging with is someone they can trust as an expert in badminton. Built into the Badminton Australia Coaching Accreditation system are child safety requirements, safe sport and inclusive sport education, anti-doping education and general coaching principles.

If you wish to become accredited or re-accredit please download the relevant forms below, complete the applicant information, get in touch with your state/territory association to sign off and send the forms to Badminton Australia.