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BWF Badminton Resources

A collection of badminton specific resources and materials to help you develop your sport specific knowledge and  improve your sessions

The Badminton World Federation (BWF) provide a series of resources free to coaches all around the globe. Topics are categorised into the different coaching levels and include coaching manuals, videos and other free materials. Click Here to view the BWF Coach Development page

BWF also provide many of the video content as free access through the coaching development channel on YouTube. You can access the BWF 1 videos by clicking here.

While technical and specific exercises are incredibly important for working with developing and skilled athletes, all participants begin with limited ability. The Shuttle Time program is the perfect program for school aged children to have a taste of the fun of badminton! The Shuttle Time program is designed specifically for easy instruction for teachers or those with limited badminton experience, if you have already completed your Shuttle Time training you should be able to access the lesson plans and videos by logging into your account. For those yet to complete their Shuttle Time, click here to sign up page and complete the online training for.

The Badminton World Federation contribute to the development and progression of badminton by investing in research focused on badminton. Topics of the publications range from Biomechanics, to Nutrition, to Psychology, and even the Sociology of Sport. The research is accessible for anyone looking to learn more about a specific topic or area, you can access it by clicking here

Each year BWF also run a Coaching Conference to bring the brightest and best coaching minds together to discuss the sport. These presentations and keynote speeches are made available to the public, you can access these here