Policies and Guidelines

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“encourage the provision of opportunity to all young Australians to develop and enrich their lives through Badminton.”

The purpose of the documentation is to provide a framework for a nationally consistent, transparent and coordinated environment for all badminton players. Badminton Australia (BA) is delighted to provide you with the attached documents which:-

  • Sets out agreed BA policies relating to junior development
  • Incorporates a series of Position Papers which provide guidance in a range of important areas

This document is designed to help you;-

  • Make Badminton fun for everyone
  • Create safe and supportive environments for enjoyable participation
  • Encourage lifelong involvement
  • Develop a consistent and coordinated approach to all Badminton programs
  •  Foster the spirit of Badminton and etiquette of the game
  • Understand a child’s development particularly in relation to her/his badminton skills
  • Implement appropriate skill related activities for children aged 5-18 years of age

Adopting the guidelines provided will go a long way in ensuring quality Badminton experiences for boys’ and girls’.

Junior Badminton happens because of a significant input by enthusiastic and supportive volunteers.  BA thanks you all for your efforts.

Junior Badminton Policy

Travel Policy

Safety and Health

Badminton ‘for all’

Badminton Pathway

Representative Badminton

Club Badminton

Framework for Badminton

Coaching Pathways

Officiating Pathways

BA Guidelines for Heat    |    SMA Heat Policy    |   Hot Weather Guidelines

BA Guidelines for Hydration    |  Fuelling and Cooling Juniors

BA Guidelines for Fluid Replacement   |     Sports Drinks    |      Fluids in Sport

Nutrition    |    Eating & Drinking after Sport  |  Nutrition & the Travelling Athlete

Fighting Fatigue (SDA)

Strategies for Managing and Growing Badminton Clubs

Codes of Behaviour   (Free posters can be ordered from Australian Sports Commission)

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