Junior Selectors

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Badminton Australia appoints three Junior Selectors each year. The National Junior Coach is one of these selectors together with two other selectors who are ratified by the Badminton Australia Board in December for the following 12 months.

The National Junior Selectors for 2016 are:

  • Stuart Brehaut - National Junior Coach
  • Brent Munday
  • Shuen Joe

The key role of the National Junior Selectors is to recommend to the Board for ratification:

  • all junior teams or individuals to represent Australia in competition based on selection criteria approved by the Board from time to time;
  • Team Captains of Australian teams;
  • Members of the National Junior Squads and any other national junior squads as named from time to time;
  • Australian junior player rankings for events where rankings are completed.

Obligations Of Selectors

National Junior Selectors have a number of duties and obligations. These are to:

  • attend meetings called during the Carnivals by the Chairman of Selectors;
  • ensure, as arranged by the Chairman, that at least one selector is in attendance at all National Junior Carnivals
  • abstain from involvement in any other duty that precludes them from freedom to pursue selection duties;
  • refrain from release of selection information to any source, until that information is released by the Chairman of the Committee to the Board of the Association, and by them to the players concerned, and subsequently to the press and public;
  • abstain from selection discussions when a member of the Selector's own family is involved. In such cases the decisions will be as decided by the remaining members of the Committee;

Secretaries of Badminton Australia Member Associations are to immediately inform the Chairman of the Committee of any circumstances or activity other than playing performance that may affect a player's eligibility for selection.

Nomination to be a National Junior Selector

Applications to be a National Junior Selector must be made to Badminton Australia on the appropriate nomination form by 30 September each year. Please contact the Badminton Australia (03) 9397 4722.

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