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The Junior Development Committee (JDC) is responsible for the development of Badminton Australia’s Junior Development Program (JDP),  its directions and policies. The work of the JDC is coordinated by the Junior Development Manager in consultation with the Board Member responsible for Junior Development.


The BA Junior Development Committee consists of the following people:-


  • Marianne Loh
  • Andrew Perks
  • Ashleigh Marshall
  • Glenn Warfe
  • Geraldine Brown (Board)



The JDC is responsible for Badminton Australia’s Junior Development Program ensuring an ongoing focus on development opportunities for talented junior badminton players.  The objectives are to:


  • plan and implement the Junior Development Program including junior participation in the sport, training and development of talented junior players, talent identification and articulation along national junior development pathways;
  • liaise with State/Territory Association Junior Committees ensuring a cohesive approach to junior development for the sport;
  • liaise with other organisations on matters relevant to improving junior development programs;
  • develop policies and procedures relevant to the needs and aspirations of junior badminton players and present these to the BA Board for approval.



  • Develop an annual plan of activities for the Committee, including outcomes, detailing the proposed budget required to meet these outcomes;
  • Develop and review on an ongoing basis, the Junior Development Program;
  • Drive the process of developing the Junior Sport Policy - junior policies and procedures which ensure safe, fun and rewarding sporting experiences for juniors in badminton;
  • Meet regularly to plan and review progress towards planned outcomes;
  • Liaise with other Badminton Australia Committees to achieve shared outcomes;
  • Together with the Tournament Committee, review the national junior carnival structure (Under 15, Under 17, Under 19) and carnival by-laws to ensure they are relevant and focused on the goals and objectives of junior badminton;
  • To monitor junior programs on an ongoing basis and provide feedback on the quality, relevance and outcomes of programs;
  • Report regularly to the Board and other stakeholders on progress towards achieving planned outcomes;
  • Seek and encourage involvement in professional development opportunities for those administrators in junior badminton;
  • Ensure junior development is a key element in every national conference;
  • To provide a report each September for the Badminton Australia Annual Report.


Nomination to be a Member of the JDC

Each member of the Committee has a two year term with half the members up for election annually. Applications to be a member of the JDC must be made to Badminton Australia on the appropriate nomination form by 30 September each year. Please contact the Badminton Australia (03) 9397 4722.



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