Junior Programs

Policies and Guidelines

The purpose of the documentation is to provide a framework for a nationally consistent, transparent and coordinated environment for all badminton players.

Junior Selectors

Badminton Australia appoints three Junior Selectors each year. The National Junior Coach is one of these selectors together with two other selectors who are ratified by the Badminton Australia Board in December for the following 12 months.

Fitness Testing

A key part of spending hours training is being able to measure your improvements. Badminton Australia has a range of tests designed for badminton players and coaches to measure Badminton fitness.

Fact Sheets

A list of fact sheets have been developed by Badminton Australia and Sports Dieticians Australia.

Junior Committee

The Junior Development Committee (JDC) is responsible for the development of Badminton Australia’s Junior Development Program (JDP),  its directions and policies. The work of the JDC is coordinated by the Junior Development Manager in consultation with the Board Member responsible for Junior Development.

National Junior Squad

The National Junior Squad aims to Identify and develop the top junior players from across the country with the aim of progressing players to meet the “Winning Edge” targets as outlined in the Badminton Australia High Performance Plan. Please see the links below for further informations.

Club Development

Club Development Network


Sponsors & Partners