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National Coaching Accreditation Scheme

Badminton Australia conducts a Coach Education Program under the auspices of the National Coach Accreditation Scheme (NCAS) of the Australian Sports Commission.

Details of the NCAS can be found on the Australian Sports Commission’s web site, click here.

The Badminton Australia Coach Education program comprises 4 levels, namely Level 1, Level 1A (Advanced), Level 2 and Level 3. State and Territory Member Associations of Badminton Australia are responsible for the conduct of courses for Levels 1 and 1A (Advanced) and Badminton Australia for the conduct of courses for Level 2 and Level 3.

More than 400 coaches currently hold NCAS accreditation under the Badminton Australia Coach Education Program.

For more information on the current Badminton Australia Coach Education program contact Mr Rudy Bartholomeusz by email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Review of the Badminton Australia Coach Education Program

In July 2015 Badminton Australia commissioned a review of the Coach Education Program, and a report on the program was presented to the Badminton Australia Board in November 2015.

Key recommendations from within the review were:

  • incorporating the previously non-accredited Shuttle Time Teacher Course as an entry point to the Coach Education Program;
  • integrating the Coach Education Program with the Foundation, Talent, Elite, Mastery (FTEM) athlete development pathway of the Australian Institute of Sport already adopted by Badminton Australia;
  • adopting functional terminology for the Levels of the Coach Education Program, viz Club Coach (previously NCAS Levels 1 and 1A (Advanced)), Development Coach (previously NCAS Level 2) and High Performance Coach (previously NCAS Level 3);
  • expanding the role of a National Coach Education Manager to a full time appointment; and
  • increasing the number of accredited coaches by attracting current professional/parent coaches to engage in the program, and increasing the rate of re-accreditation by currently accredited coaches.

The existing Coach Education Program described above will continue in place while recommendations of the review are implemented.

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