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The Badminton Australia Coaches Advisory Group is responsible for coaching activities nationally. In conjunction with State/Territories Coaches Advisory Groups ensures there are qualified coaches to meet the needs locally and at a state and national level.


Advisory Group

  • Rhonda Cator
  • Jean Tyrrell
  • Anna Lao
  • Nicholas Kidd


For more information contact:


Rudy Bartholomeusz

Badminton Australia Technical and Projects Coordinator

Mobile: 0407794404

Email:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Alternatively contact the BA office on +613 9397 4722.


Advisory Group Objectives

The objectives of the Advisory Group are to:


  • Act as a supporting and advising body to Badminton Australia on all matters relating to badminton coaching and the training of badminton coaches within the boundaries set by BA.
  • Set satisfactory standards of competence for the accreditation of badminton coaches (within the guidelines of the Australian Coaching Council) to be used by Branch Coaching Advisory Group's in:
    • courses for orientation to coaching and Levels 1, 1 Advanced, 2, and 3.
    • courses, examination  and certification at Levels 1, 1 Advanced, 2, and 3.
  • Liaise with other bodies, within Australia or elsewhere to maintain and/or improve the standard of coaching.
  • Liaise with other organisations on any matters relevant to improving coaching conditions and facilities.
  • Give Branch Advisory Groups the right to organise courses for coaching within their State or Territory.
  • Provide leadership and direction to those Branch Advisory Groups' which need assistance in conducting courses and examinations, with the object of making them self sufficient at Levels 1 and 2.


Advisory Group Operations

  • The Advisory Group is directly responsible to the BA Board and must submit Annual Reports to the BA Office by July 31 in each year.
  • The spokesperson for the Advisory Group shall be responsible for the internal business, and shall speak for it to the BA Board.
  • The business of the Advisory Group is normally carried out by correspondence, although efforts are made for meetings to be convened whenever possible.
  • The quorum for such meetings shall be three members of the Advisory Group.
  • A meeting shall be held each year with cost covered by BA.
  • Items for discussion on the Agenda of the meeting are invited from all Branch Advisory Groups' and copies of the final Agenda is sent to all Branch Advisory Groups', Advisory Group Members and Badminton Australia Members.
  • Until such vacancy is filled, the Advisory Group may co-opt any person in order to maintain effectiveness.


Branch State Coaching Coordinators

  • The Advisory group operates through Branch coaching coordinators in each State/Territory. 
  • The organisation of each Branch Advisory Group includes a Secretary/Treasurer, who is usually the person through whom all correspondence and business is channelled.
  • Information required by any Branch state coordinator from sources outside Australia are copied to the spokesperson of the Advisory Group.
  • To those Branch Advisory Groups' officially approved by the Advisory Group as being independent at any level of Coaching instruction and examination procedures, the  Advisory Group shall delegate the functions and duties necessary for the pursuit of such activities, and the awards thus issued shall be binding on the committee.
  • All examinations shall be to the standards set and distributed by the Advisory Group. 
  • The Advisory Group shall have the authority to call for completed examination papers for perusal. 
  • In addition, Advisory Group Members may check at any time any course or examination being conducted, so that the maintenance of standards set down may be assured.
  • Costs for Advisory Group members involved in coaches courses and/or examinations conducted on behalf of the CAG, shall be borne by BA from the costed annual programme submitted by the CAG, and approved by the BA Board.
  • The BA Board shall set a schedule of fees applicable to the coaching course and examination services provided by the CAG. 
  • Should additional funds be required at any time by the CAG to pursue the objects of the CAG, it then shall apply to the BA Board for such funds, indicating the specific purpose for which the funds are required. These funds may only be provided upon approval of the BA Board.


Examinations and Certificates

The Advisory Group shall supply the following to the State coordinators:


  • Coaching Accreditation Certificates at all appropriate levels.
  • Coaching manuals.
  • Typical examination papers and examination procedures where appropriate.
  • Other coaching resources available.


Accredited Levels

There are four levels of accreditation of coaches. 


  • Level One
  • Level One (Advanced)
  • Level Two
  • Level Three


Qualifications of Coaches


  • Appointment to Level '1' , Level '1'" (Advanced) and '2'  is achieved through the satisfactory completion of the appropriate course and examination conducted by a Branch Advisory Group in accordance with the standards set down by the CAG.
  • Level '3' coaches are appointed by the Advisory Group after satisfactory completion of the approved course and assessment carried out by the Advisory Group.


Reports and Correspondence

  • Each year all Branch Advisory Groups submit to the CAG a report by 30 June detailing the current status of all coaches within its jurisdiction.  
  • These reports form part of the CAG Annual Report presented to the National Office for inclusion in the Annual Report.
  • All correspondence between the Advisory Group and the Branch Advisory Groups' shall be copied to the Secretary of the relevant BA Member Association.



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