Coaches Advisory Group

The Badminton Australia Coaches Advisory Group is responsible for coaching activities nationally. In conjunction with State/Territories Coaches Advisory Groups ensures there are qualified coaches to meet the needs locally and at a state and national level.

Coaching Accreditation

Are you an accredited coach or official?

Qualified Presenters and Assessors

List of coaches are accredited to present any BA accredited coaching courses in Australia.


Badminton Australia Coach Accreditation lasts for a 4-year period.

Coaches that have remained active and have met the updating requirements specific to their accreditation level over this period may apply to the Badminton Australia for the renewal of their nationally recognized accreditation.

Coach Recognition

Coaches are the lifeblood of Australian sport and the backbone of badminton clubs and associations. They contribute their valuable time, effort and expertise in assisting players to develop their skills and enjoy badminton.

Coaching Resources

Badminton Australia has a number of coaching resources available for all the different levels of coaches.


Sponsors & Partners

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