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Badminton Australia is the national sports organisation for badminton in Australia. Badminton Australia, in partnership with its Members, the State/Territory Badminton Associations, is responsible for the management and sustainable development of the sport nationally and the management of relations internationally through the governing body for the sport, the Badminton World Federation (BWF).

BA Board & CEO

Badminton Australia has a six member Board of Directors, each serving a two year term. The BA Members, the State and Territory Associations elect Board members at the annual meeting in October each year. Board members bring a range of knowledge, skills and expertise to the Board and each has a particular area of interest they support within the management and development of the sport.

BA Committees

Badminton Australia is proud to present the 2015 Badminton Committees and National Selectors and Terms of Reference.

AGM and Annual Reports

The AGM will be held on an annual basis. For further information contact Badminton Australia.

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Sponsors & Partners

Badminton World Federation Yonex Li Ning Australian Olympics Committee Commonwealth Games Australia Destination NSW Australian Sports Commission NSW Government