About Badminton Australia

About us

About us

Badminton Australia, in partnership with its Members, the State/Territory Badminton Associations, is responsible for the management and sustainable development of the sport nationally and the management of relations internationally.



Badminton Australia is committed to the delivery of a national court officials training and development program in conjunction with State/Territory court officials committees. This ensure a continuous stream of quality court officials to service all levels of badminton in Australia.


Sponsors / Partners

Badminton Australia invites individuals and organisations to contact us to discuss opportunities in the fastest racquet sport. We are able to customise sponsorship and official supplier arrangements to meet mutual needs and objectives.

Awards and Insurance

Badminton Australia has provision for a number of service awards in its Constitution and By-Laws. 1. Life Member 2. Conspicuous Service Award 3. Award of Merit 3. Service Diplomas

Policies, Regulations and Constitution

The Rules of the Australian Badminton Association are updated annually if there are any constitutional changes adopted by the Members at the Annual General Meeting. The AGM takes place in either September, October or November.

States and Territory

Badminton Australia is in partnership with its member state and territory associations and shares the same aims and objectives and the committment to succeed.


Sponsors & Partners

Badminton World Federation Yonex Li Ning Australian Olympics Committee Commonwealth Games Australia Destination NSW Australian Sports Commission NSW Government