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National Junior Squad

Written by  Wednesday, 18 April 2012 22:02

The National Junior Squad aims to identify and develop the top junior players from across the country with the aim of progressing players to meet the “Winning Edge” targets as outlined in the Badminton Australia High Performance Plan. Please see the links below for further information.


Nomination and Selection Criteria

Athlete Pathway
National Junior Squad Guidelines
2017 NJS Application Form
U19 Elite Development Squad Specific Selection Criteria
U17 Youth Development Squad Specific Specific Selection Criteria
U15 Future Development Squad Specific Selection Criteria
2017 Junior High Performance Calendar
2017 Event Information



2017 National Junior Squad

U15 Futures Development Squad
Austin Chen New South Wales Male
Ricky Tang New South Wales Male
Gavin Ong South Australia Male
Thomas Ng Victoria Male
Rayne Wang Victoria Male
Otto Zhao Victoria Male
Geoffrey Jap Victoria Male
Theodore Kang Western Australia Male
Aline Souksavat ACT Female
Angie Liu New South Wales Female
Pheobe Ooi New South Wales Female
Yasmin Say New South Wales Female
Jesamine Donald NSW Female
Priska Kustiadi NSW Female
Kaitlyn Ea Victoria Female
Sydney Go Victoria Female
U17 Youth Development Squad
Rio Agustino New South Wales Male
Ethan Chen New South Wales Male
Pascal Souksavat ACT Male
Dimitri Han Victoria Male
Daniel Hocking Victoria Male
Marcus Kong Victoria Male
Ryan Venpin Victoria Male
Ross Audley Victoria Male
Majan Almazan New South Wales Female
Zecily Fung New South Wales Female
Victoria He New South Wales Female
Amelia Lowe New South Wales Female
Kelly Xu New South Wales Female
Maggie Chan New South Wales Female
Bernadete Aniceto Northern Territory Female
Elysia Viravong Northern Territory Female
Aim Aroonsiri South Australia Female
U19 Elite Development Squad
Keith Edison South Australia Male
Peter Yan Victoria Male
Oscar Jap Victoria Male
Kai Chen Teoh Western Australia Male
Maggie Chan New South Wales Female
Celeste Lee New South Wales Female
Jodee Vega New South Wales Female
Chloe Chen Victoria Female
Lauren Lim Victoria Female
Sasha Lim Victoria Female



2017 National Junior Coaches

U15 Coach: Lenny Permana

U17 Coach: Stuart Rowlands

U19 Coach: Brian Koentjoro, Ben Walklate



2017 National Junior Selectors

Badminton Australia appoints an U19 Coach and two other selectors in December for the following 12 months. The National Junior Selectors for 2017 are:


The key role of the National Junior Selectors is to recommend to the Board for ratification:


National Junior Selectors also carry out a number of other duties and obligations. These are to:



2017 Junior Development Committee

The Junior Development Committee (JDC) is responsible for the development of Badminton Australia’s national junior program, its directions and policies. The work of the JDC is coordinated by the Junior Development Manager in consultation with the Board Member responsible for Junior Development. The Junior Development Committee consists of the following people in 2017:


The Junior Development Committee's objectives are to:


The Junior Development Committee's duties are to:


Applications to be a National Junior Selector or a Junior High Performance Committee Member must be made to Badminton Australia on the appropriate nomination form by 30 September each year. Please contact the Badminton Australia (03) 9397 4722.



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