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If you love sports and badminton in particular, coaching a team or an individual can be a fun and rewarding way to be involved. From working with children as a volunteer to coaching the professionals at the highest level, coaching requires someone with a love of the game and working with people of various ages.


Coaches help people of all levels and abilities to develop and improve within sport. They can have a positive influence on people’s lifelong involvements in badminton and be seen as positive role models, not only by the players and athletes, but also by their families. A coach can help develop life skills such as working with and part of a team, respect, confidence and control. Communication, motivation and planning are integral elements of any coaching role. It’s critical that the coach is trained, qualified and committed to providing a fun, high quality learning experience for the players.


Getting qualified as a Badminton Coach


Badminton Australia (BA) are the peak body that award and accredit all badminton coaches across Australia. All coaching courses must be accredited by Badminton Australia in order to be recognised by schools, clubs, colleges, universities and for you to get insurance to coach.


BA have adopted the Badminton World Federation (BWF) courses. The BWF levels are fully developed, supported by high quality manuals, online videos and support, train-the trainer tutor courses and support, and are recognised across Oceania and the world. BWF have and are developing coach education for their confederations and their member associations. It makes sense for Australia to make use of good quality resources that are being constantly updated and funded. The Badminton Australia Board has sanctioned that BWF courses will gradually replace all previous BA courses over the next 3-5 years.


Register for free on the BWF education site at to receive advice, free downloads and information on the courses.


The course structure that BA has adopted is:

  • BWF Shuttle Time – participation pathway – coaching beginning players
  • BA level 1 – participation pathway – coaching beginning players (the current BA course)
  • BWF level 1 – performance pathway – coaching club players
  • BWF level 2 – performance pathway – coaching State players
  • BWF level 3 – performance pathway – coaching National players


The Australian Sports Commission have endorsed the BA coaching framework which means that all candidates that pass BA approved coaching courses (certification) AND complete the required prerequisites will become accredited. Only coaches with certification PLUS accreditation are qualified to coach badminton in Australia.


Coach education must be delivered by appropriately qualified coach educators or developers.

  • Shuttle Time Course – will have passed the BWF Shuttle Time Tutor course and be endorsed by BA
  • BA level 1 - will have passed the BA level 1 tutor course and be endorsed by BA
  • BWF level 1 - will have passed the BWF level 1 tutor course and be endorsed by BA and Badminton Oceania.
  • BWF level 2 - will have passed the BWF level 2 tutor course and be endorsed by BA and Badminton Oceania.


Coach education courses are sanctioned and endorsed by BA, Badminton Oceania and BWF. Each State/Territory Association are able to plan and deliver the courses once endorsement from these bodies for the tutor to deliver the course and the structure and organisation of the course is approved.


If you would like to take part in a badminton teaching or coaching course to learn the skills and knowledge required to become an accredited badminton community coach, then you should contact your State/Territory Association to find out when they are running their next suitable course.


Australian Capital Territory
New South Wales
Northern Territory
South Australia
Western Australia


As part in the coaching training on your endorsed coaching course, you will be required to complete some basic coaching prerequisites. They are they same for all courses. They are free and online, available from the Australian Sports Commission (ASC). One you have completed them, you will be supplied with a digital certificate that must be give to the coach tutor/educator BEFORE the coaching course commences.


Note: If you have completed a coaching course, but NOT the prerequisites and have NOT been accredited with BA, you are not eligible or endorsed to coach badminton in schools, clubs or any places in Australia. Please go to the go the re-accreditation page on this site to review the instructions to understand how to accredit.


Once you pay for your coaching course, pass all prerequisites and course requirements, you will then receive your coaching certificate and become accredited with BA. You will be issued a confirmation of accreditation at the level of coaching that you have achieved and your expiry date.


To extend the expiry date and/or reaccredit you need to undertake a few simple tasks. Your coach accreditation will expire every 4 years. Details of how to re-accredit are on the re-accreditation page on this site.



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