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Facebook, Twitter and the like are very valuable tools for both marketing and for keeping in touch. Badminton Australia (BA) promotes itself and members via Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and several websites.



The “Participation Outcomes ---CALD Communities “is about engagement with the CALD community in a variety of diverse ways. Partnership with State and Regional Badminton Associations, State Departments and appropriate CALD community organizations will be the focus of the 4 year Strategy. The challenge is to engage communities such as China, Malaysia, India, Indonesia, Korea, Singapore and Vietnam communities more effectively to aid their integration, build registered numbers of badminton players.

The generous support from the Australian Sports Commission in this area provides Badminton Australia with a development opportunity that the sport has been striving to achieve.

Program Overview

The “Participation Outcomes ---CALD Communities “, through a range of varied programs, will be the focus of BA development activities over the next four years. In the development model, BA, States, Stakeholders play different but complementary roles in the areas of schools programs, coach education, technical and volunteer initiatives and this will be the ongoing theme under the CALD banner. Development is about a systemic approach to growth and progress. The two dimensions to development activities---- more and better--- will be the key themes. More players, coaches, technical officials, events and community links. Better quality in all areas with clearly defined pathways.

All programs entered into will be needs based, planned, co-coordinated and structured and will result in:

Better knowledgeImproved skills / competenciesBetter understanding and more tolerancePositive attitudes Enhanced qualityGreater efficiencyImproved pathwaysContinuous improvement

All of this will lead to:

Deliverance of quality participation opportunities to the CALD community and engagement with those who can provide specialist adviceChanges in perceptions around accessibility of specific populations keeping in mind whole of sport pathwaysUndertaking of research and data gathering to identify gaps , assist with evidence based planning and to understand better conversion strategies to convert participants to membership

The programs here will offer benefits including:

Potential to build registration numbers through better conversion and accessing new community groups.Pathway linkages with other programs especially TID, coach education and acquiring new technical officials.Reach to a range of CALD communities in various parts of Australia.Promotion of tolerance, awareness and respect for people of all cultures and backgrounds with integration opportunities for diverse groups to engage.Capacity to look at new approaches be it place of event participation , integration of school , club and community linksIncreased participation opportunities by better engagement with State / Regional and community groups

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Watch some of the best video highlights of the 2012 Australian Badminton Grand Prix Open. Daily highlights included.

Australian National Team

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Badminton Australia selects players to national squads and teams for Seniors and Juniors. They consist of players, which are estimated to have the level and / or potential to achieve the objectives set out by Badminton Australia. These players are working together with Badminton Australia with the purpose of getting the best possible international results from training, tournaments, personal skills and lifestyle. 

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