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Awards and Insurance

Written by  Tuesday, 17 April 2012 11:01

Annual Awards

Badminton Australia has a set of Annual Awards to complement Life Member and other Service Awards to recognise the efforts and lengths that people (paid and unpaid) go to across the nation to deliver excellent achievements and services in our sport. Any member affiliated to Badminton Australia is welcome to submit nominations to recognise excellence within badminton. These are people that you want to thank for their time, effort, enthusiasm or support of badminton.


Everyone who has played sport has at least 1 volunteer to thank, so everyone is welcome to download further information and start nominating for:


  1. Senior Player(s) of the Year
  2. Junior Player(s) of the Year
  3. Club or Team of the Year
  4. Coach of the Year
  5. Technical Official of the Year
  6. Administrator of the Year
  7. Volunteer of the Year


BA Annual Awards Nomination Process and General Criteria
BA Annual Awards Nomination Online Form


Life Member / Service Awards

Badminton Australia has a number of service awards. Please see below for a description of the awards and for the award nomination form.

Badminton Australia has provision for a number of service awards in its Constitution and By-Laws.


1. Life Member

2. Conspicuous Service Award

3. Award of Merit

4. Service Diplomas


1. Life Member

Badminton Australia may at an Annual General Meeting, appoint an honorary Life Member, in recognition of long and outstanding service to the Association, provided that:


a) not more than one honorary Life Member is appointed at any Annual General Meeting, and;

b) a person shall not be appointed an honorary Life Member unless not fewer than two thirds of those present, and entitled to vote shall be in favour of the appointment, and;

c) that Life Member of the Association shall be entitled to attend and speak at all Annual and other Special general meetings of the Association, but may not vote.


The form of recognition for Life Members is a badge of a design based on the current Australian badge. A suitable scroll is also awarded.


2. Conspicuous Service Award

a) To be awarded for outstanding service of a conspicuous nature in achievements and or services to badminton;

b) On behalf of Badminton Australia to be bestowed by the Board;

c) The award shall be a lapel badge and a scroll or certificate with appropriate inscription of reasons for the award;

d) Recommendations for the award shall be on a prescribed form obtainable from the National Office;

e) Recommendations can be made by Members of the Badminton Australia Board, Life Members of the Association and Members.


Recommendations can be made for services or achievements in the following:-



3. Award of Merit

The Award of Merit is awarded for meritorious service and or achievements for badminton. It is awarded on behalf of the Australian Badminton Association to be bestowed by the Board of Badminton Australia. The award is a lapel badge and a scroll or certificate with appropriate inscription of reasons for the award.

Recommendations for the award can be made by Members of Badminton Australia, Life Members and Members.

Recommendations can be made for services or achievements in the following:



4. Service Diplomas

The Service Diploma is awarded for service not in the category of meritorious or conspicuous service but worthy of recognition.



Please click on the following link to download a copy of a Badminton Australia Award Nomination Form.


Badminton Australia Award Nomination Form

Badminton Australia Award Recipients



Group Insurance from Sportscover for Badminton Australia's Member Associations & Clubs, their members and their official acitivites

Please go to March Insurance for information on:

Professional Coaches Liability Cover (Marketform, newly released)

Badminton Australia has, with Marsh Insurance Brokers, recently released an offer of a Liability Cover, for Professional (BA Registered Member Coaches), operating in a non-association/club environment (ie operating privately, outside of an approved members association/club activity). This cover is for ‘Individuals’ and does not come automatically with BA Membership, as for the Group Sportscover Liability cover above, and needs to be applied for and paid for separately. Cover only issues on approval/acceptance. It is very economically priced, and should be tax deductible to the BA Registered Member Coach operating privately. Badminton Australia is providing this Individual Product to all BA Registered Member Coaches at cost.

Other Documentation

Badminton Australia Description of Cover offered Professional Coaches' Liability Professional Indemnity Policy

BA Professional Coach group insurance plan

BA Marsh Coaches Insurance Application Form

Marketform Policy Wording



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